anyone playing this anymore?

  • This chat room is dead, doesn’t anyone play this anymore?

  • 2023 '22 '21 '20 '19 '18

    I don’t think it ever particularly took off in the first place. The game was a Kickstarter project and is only really available via Larry’s site for the game. Personally, I played it like 3 times but the balance is a bit too shakey for me, although it did bring a lot of good ideas to the table (specifically: units only being able to hit certain types of enemy units, limited moves per-turn, different resource types you have to manage). The Morale system kind of sucks though, even though it does its job in ending the game faster the first few phases of it don’t really do much.

  • @slo yeah I love it

  • We only had one game. But we like it. We will play it again. Its a good system. If you play this you have to free your mind from Axis and Allies its a different game. But its really really cool.

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