Who gets target select in cities?

  • 2020 '16

    I thought vehicle class units got target select on a roll of “1”, when defending a city. Just watched a General Hand Grenade video where he said that infantry class units got target select at “1”.

    Reading further, it seems the wording was changed from V2, to V3, but doesn’t clear up the answer, to my satisfaction.

    V2 - Cities afford Defending infantry-class units +1 Defense on all rounds of combat and target selection “1” for armor-class units.

    V3 - Cities give Defending infantry-class units +1
    Defense on all rounds of combat and target selection at “1” (vehicle-class units).

    V2 seems clear to me that armor-class get target select, and thus, I assumed, V3 was the same. Obviously the wording can be interpreted either way. A change is needed.

  • '18 '17 '16

    Some of the changes between V-2 and V-3 were simply clarifications to the rulebook. As you point out it looks like they say 2 different things but they actually mean exactly the same thing. There is no armour class units in V-3 because the name has been changed to vehicle class.

    What they both mean is that the Infantry are +1 and Infantry get target selection @1 against vehicle class (formerly armour class) units. In other words, you can’t choose an air unit as a casualty, you can only choose vehicle class or less. You can see why the wording has been clarified because it looks like it reads that the armour class had the target selection.

  • 2020 '16

    @GeneralHandGrenade Ok, thanks, GHG. That makes perfect sense. V2 wording is terrible, and I took that misunderstanding into my interpretation of V3. Really makes cities even scarier, for the attacker!

  • 2020 '16

    @GeneralHandGrenade It still seems strange that infantry can only target select vehicle class units. I understand why they can’t target select planes, but what about artillery, or elite infantry units? Is it to simulate the lack of maneuverability of vehicles in cities? They are kind of sitting ducks to more easily be picked off?

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    @CaptainNapalm I should explain it a little better. The best unit an infantry can target select is a vehicle class unit. They can also choose artillery and infantry class units . They can’t choose an air class unit and obviously not a naval unit.

    The point of my video was to show how infantry class units could be worth more if concentrated in cities. In a battle if you’re you’re exchanging your infantry and militia for the opposition’s more expensive units like tanks, mechs, and artillery you’re going to eventually wear them down.

  • 2020 '16

    @GeneralHandGrenade If that’s the case, the wording should/would be infantry class get target select, “except against air units”. There are multiple infantry and artillery units I would prefer to target select over motorized infantry, for example.

  • I think the infantry in a city would not get to target select an infantry or artillery class unit.

    Target Selection: Units that roll target selection hits assign casualties the opposing player must remove. Target Selection is a dice range. For example, a unit with an Attack of “7” and a Target Selection of “1-3” would choose which casualty it causes on a “1-3”. On a “4-7” the Defender would choose. When a player achieves a target selection with a double casualty situation, only one unit is subject to target selection. Target Selection may also be limited to a specific class or type of unit (air units, land units, vehicle-class units, etc…).

    I think the confusion stems from the fact that, the tactical bomber the most common unit with this ability, has target selection vs all land and sea units.

  • 2020 '16

    @insaneHoshi That makes more sense. That would be the only logical reason to specify vehicle class. Thank you. We will play that way, moving forward.

    So, it would seem to be simulating the vulnerability of vehicles in the confines of a city!

  • 2020 '19 '18 '17

    @CaptainNapalm Tank Designer: “We don’t need armor on top of the tank. Who is going to hit the top of the tank?”

    Two years later, an anti-tank gunner is lining up to nail the engine and halt the tank - from 20 meters up…


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