Good use of the SZ 98 UK Transport

  • Hi all, I wanted to hear what you guys usually like to do with the transport that begins the game in SZ 98 in the Europe . In my solo games, I have been having trouble with the Allies and am trying to improve my UK gameplay. I know the SZ 98 transport is not a game-breaker but I wanted to know what you guys do with it since UK will not have a 2nd transport that will be able to reach the Middle East and/or East Africa unlike in G40. It seems like these are possible uses with good odds:

    • The Tobruk Raid
    • Convincing Greece, Persia, or Yugoslavia to join the Allies
    • Amphibious assault on Italian Somaliland

    I haven’t played a game as UK where I attack I-Somaliland but I don’t like the odds on Ethiopia when I want to do the Taranto raid.

  • You can send it toward S.Africa so you can bring land units built there north quickly .

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