Axis and Allies on a Fictional Map / Earth-2 (idea for a new A&A game?)

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    Axis and Allies on a Fictional Map

    Would anyone be interesting to play Axis and Allies (say, more or less the standard game) on a fictional map. Say a kind of Earth-2. So more or less our earth but then with different continents and oceans and island.

    I am not referring to a alternative history map (same earth, different powers/boundaries/alliances) though that could also be very interesing. I gathered loads and loads of scenarios for my now long defunct Axis and Allies homepage at .

    Also I am not refering to any kind of ‘mythical’ map like playing an Axis and Allies-like game on the map of Middle Earth or the world of Game of Thrones.

    A related question: do you know of any more or less standards wargame that is played on a fictional map?

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    When I read this I thought of the boardgamegeek piece called: Games that made up ‘The Game’.

    While ‘The Game’ is about game playing from 30 some years ago, I think you just might find a nugget or two from perusing this list. I especially like the idea of reusable territory names on changing made-up maps.


  • @Midnight_Reaper

    Thank you very much, MR.
    Nice to read about the good old days… Yep. We have many Axis and Allies games now. And I like that. But back in the days when ‘we’ only had the MB version and Xeno Games’ World at War (later also Europe at War) my friends and I kept tinkering with the rules.

    Back on topic:

    Yes, I would like the see a new map for Axis and Allies. New continents, new powers, new alliancs.

    I know Eagle Games planned a ‘fictional world map’ expansion for their Attack game.

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    I don’t know if this could be of any use for your project, but I’ll mention it in case it’s relevant. I once read a book about miniatures-based wargaming campaigns, and it mentioned a particular wargamer who wanted to create his own fictitious continent for a medieval-era game. He had few graphic design skills, but he was a creative thinker and he figured out an easy and low-cost (in fact, no-cost) way to carry out his project. (Note that at the time he was using 1980s resources, and that today this would be even easier to do with GoogleMaps.) He got himself a bunch of free tourist pamphlets and travel brochures containing decent-sized maps of lesser-known places within countries rather than of countries themselves – like the island of Corsica, for instance. He fitted them together in a way that looked attractive, put a large sheet of paper over them and traced their outlines to produce the main countries / nations of his fictional continent. The small awkward gaps between the map sections were put to good use by being turned into little independent principalities (like Lichstenstein in in real world). He used similar techniques to insert coastlines, mountains, lakes and rivers into his fictional map. The result was a large, attractive, geographically plausible continental map which looked completely different from the real world because its component countries weren’t originally countries in our world, weren’t originally near each other, and weren’t originally of similar sizes. Using GoogleMaps today would be even easier because you can scale its maps up or down as much as you want just by rolling the wheel on your mouse.

  • @CWO-Marc , thanks for your reply. That is a nice and inspiring story.
    However, I am not so much interested in creating such a map (or game) myself.

    I was just wondering if:

    (1) People would be interested in such an expansion. Map-only, so can be rather cheap.

    (2) If there are other wargames who are set on a fictional world with a new map depecting new continents.

    But thanks again for your reply!

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    Personally, I’m having trouble grasping the exact concept that’s being proposed here. Maybe I’m misunderstanding something, but it sounds as if the idea is to keep almost everything about A&A intact, including the nations/powers which are fighting each other, but transplanting them onto a new world map that’s completely different from the world we know. I really don’t see the point, and I also have serious reservations about how this would affect the game’s mechanics because those mechanics draw heavily on both real historical events (like the Russo-Japanese Non-Aggression Pact, to give just one example) and real geographical considerations (like the fact that Japan and Germany are cut off from each other by the Soviet Union). Many of those elements would get thrown out the window if the geography of the world were different, which means that the idea of keeping everything identical except the map wouldn’t actually be feasible; many of the rules would need to be rewritten. An alternate world geography would also imply an alternate world history, which means that we wouldn’t actually be dealing with the same powers that fought in WWII. To give an example: in the real world, the major naval/maritime powers of Britain and Japan have in common the fact that they’re highly industrialized island nations located a short distance away from a large continental land mass controlled by long-established foreign nations. Would Britain and Japan have turned out that way if they were physically attached to Europe and Asia – like Holland (arguably yes) and Korea (arguably no)? I’m really not understanding what this transplantation idea is meant to achieve or what problem it’s meant to solve with the A&A game as it actually exists.

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    @thrasher1 Yes, you can make fictional A & A maps. You can also have variable placement of these fictional maps so that A& A games can have varying maps (to a degree). This is regarding a board game style variation. A computer programme generated random map would necessitate software coding to really have random fictionalized maps.

  • Update September 2022:

    I just found this one:

    “The war is the same, but occurs in an alternate universe where the Earth’s land formation happened

    (From the Rules: )

    So Axis and Allies… just on another map.

    Will check this one out asap…

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