2nd Individual Play Test- it's still so much.

  • This 1940 Global game is pretty bad ass. I’m doing my second play test with it. I love how massive the map is. But I am so slow with getting the armies into position- like molasses slow. Build and push - I think I’m still tied to the old days of enormous infantry stacks.

    I’ve been playing the Allies pretty conservatively, to see what the Axis can do. I’m not investing a lot in planes or bombers, just the ole traditional ant trails.

    Spacially/strategically speaking, My initial observations are these.
    The game designers did a fantastic job. The geography has many built in quandaries that make tactics as important as strategy.

    The US is still a three point move to get to Europe. (US-Morocco/Gib- Europe).That geography hasn’t changed.

    I’m still scratching my head in how they deal with the Pacific. I’ve been trying a support ANZAC and use Aus as a possible counter thrust to money islands strategy, but it doesn’t look too good. We’ll see.

    I really like that the focus of the Pacific is the ‘money islands’. In real life, the Japanese really fouled up by not having good logistics or protecting that resource and it cost them big. Anyhow, it gives the game a southern thrust that I really like.

    I also like that the Japanese can’t really go through Siberia to atrit Russia. They can a little, but it’s not a game changer.
    Also, those 20 Japanese planes are devastating.

    Germany, the UK , Italy and UKA are all still major mysteries to me.

    How does one get Italy into the game?
    Is it insane ot have 5 German planes in southern Italy to stop Taranto?

    The UK takes so long to convert from survival to offense. This game I built a IC in Cairo round one (even with a threat from Sea Lion) and built a IC in Persia (that’s legal right?) in round 3, but I’m flailing with these guys. Things aren’t looking too hot in India, although the Italians have almost been chased out of North Africa.

    With Italy, I’m complete lost so far. They lasted in Africa a little longer this game, but I’m starting to think that Alexandria may be a key to winning this game for Axis Europe.

    With Germany, I promised myself my first three play tests that I would try the Sea Lion- 1AC, 2 Transport buy. It’s an obvious bluff, but a bluff that has to be taken seriously enough to retard UK’s ability to focus on Africa/India. It’s also nice in helping with Norway and Russias bonus money and shuttling troops. I’m anxious to see what German life is like without it, but I’ll do one more game with it before I move on.

    Having the Soviets cool their jets for 4 turns could be a nice advantage for the Germans. But as with the rest of the Countries in this game, so far, I’m still pretty lost as to how to develop a sound series of strategies.

    The Soviets… the darn Russians, no clue on how to play these guys, although I’m starting to see better how they can use their geography to stall.

    I really want to blast Japan with those 16 guys in the Far East, but that just seems an invitation to disaster against the Germans. I really like the Mongolian rules. By the time the Japanese chew through China, those 16 guys are waiting for them on the other side if needed. So for now… I’m letting them do the slow slog back to the motherland.

    Anyhow, I really like that there is this forum. I’m also enjoying testing this game out by myself before I start the hard and steep learning curve with you guys in matched play.

  • 2018 '16

    come to TripleA when you’re ready to play online. Welcome to the big leagues dude!

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