New Hero figures. Which nation got the best?

  • I know what you are all probably thinking is the Hero are not the best idea realeased by WoTC, but I did not think the mechanics were all that bad.  The question here is though of all the nations who got the best?   😄

  • Id have to say the Resourceful Hero.  The pure fact that he can use a destroyed units attack is awesome.  I see him as a hardcore man that picks up an enemy mg42 out of nowhere and then proceeds to waste like 50 krauts with it and he doesnt even set it up on anything stable.  He does it standing up whilist the gun is overheating in his hands thus burning them.  Now thats hero.  :lol:

  • #5 Resourceful Hero
    It’s not that easy to actually get Improvisation off, and even if you can your opponent might just be able to avoid it anyway. He’s a little better than a Screaming Eagle Paratrooper stat-wise, and for less points, but his restricted deployment can be annoying; you can’t simply drive a half-track/jeep up since he deploys at the beginning of the movement phase.  Your best bet is to go second one turn and then first the next. Like all heroes he’s good, but I think he’s the worst, or least useful, of the bunch.

    #4 Honour-Bound Hero
    Again, keep in mind that while I rare this one #4 he’s still very good. Like the Resourceful Hero, he’s comparable to the elites of his faction - the SNLF. Same defence, nearly the same attack, both hard to kill. The HBH has an increase Close Assault value which is extremely useful for the Japanese, and he can sneak through cover without being shot at. However there’s a few maps (Tiger Heaven especially) where cover is a little more scarce, greatly reducing his effectiveness. Still for only 7 points he’s not bad at all.

    #3 Hero of the Soviet Union
    If I were comparing the Heroes in a vacuum then this unit might not be so high, but since it is currently the only elite Russian unit it gets a bit of a boost. Basically he’s an elite Soviet Grenadier, and his Heroic ability is all about luck - which seems oddly fitting for a Russian unit. 7 dice at medium range is also very good for a Russian AI unit.

    #2 Inspiring Hero
    While he’s still very similiar to a paratrooper, the Inspiring Hero has one hug advantage - the ability to pop up and immediately use Tally-Ho! anywhere you have British troops. His stats are far superior to the Inspiring Lieutenant and all for 1 points less.  The only thing he has worse is initiative. I’ve put this one to use quite a few times, popping up so my PIAT/etc can rush up and close assault.

    #1 Grizzled Veteran
    Very similiar to an SS-PG, decent dice and Vast Experience make this unit extremely useful.  He’s pretty standard, but he’s tough. and he likes to jump out of bikes. 3 long range dice might not seem like much, but combined with Vast Experience then you can at least threaten disrupted/defence 3/3 units.  Works nicely with a Oberleutnant as well.

  • Though I like the grizzled veteran, it is the inspiring hero who has captured my heart.  The last two games I have played with the British I have used the Inspiring Hero in conjuction with 2 piat gunners by themselves in adjacent hexes.  I wait for the Germans to get close- then chaos erupts as I drop my Hero in with my PIATs and they skip forward and stop any armor column dead in it’s tracks.  In each game I have destroyed three tanks, the last one I destroyed a Elite Panzer III, a Puma, and a Panzer IV.  I love PIAT gunners now.

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