Conflict & Chaos: Vietnam 1965 - Print on Demand Available Now

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    Available for purchase through The Game Crafter Print on Demand Services

    Conflict and Chaos: Vietnam 1965 is a historical strategic board game designed by James J Campbell and published by I Will Never Grow Up Games.

    On 2 March, 1965, following an attack on a US Marine barracks at Pleiku, Operations Flaming Dart, Rolling Thunder and Arc Light commenced. This intense bombing campaign, which ultimately lasted three years, was intended to force North Vietnam to cease its support for the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam.

    Ultimately, the US involvement in the war in Vietnam was ineffective. On 15 January, 1973, President Richard Nixon announced the suspension of US offensive action against North Vietnam. By wars end, the Vietnamese had been fighting foreign involvement or occupation for 116 years.

    Take control of the nine major powers involved in one of the most controversial conflicts of all time. Can you change the course of history?

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    Number of Players: 2 to 6
    Ages: 14+
    Playing Time: 180-240 min
    MSRP: us$64.99
    Box Dimensions: 11.75 x 9.25 x 2 inch
    Weight: 3.4 lb

    Featuring several unique game mechanisms, including;

    Covert troop deployment and sneak attacks, infantry extraction rules, reinforcement rules, multinational forces, political influences, and a wide variety of player powers.


    Rule book
    27x18 inch 6 fold Game Board
    2 Covert Operations Boards and Screens
    Territory Control and Production Track
    84 National Control Markers
    15 Facilities Damage Tokens
    4 Amphibious Landing Tokens
    14 Covert Operations Tokens
    10 Anti Aircraft Gun Tokens
    7 Surface to Air Missile Tokens
    6 Fire Support Base Tokens
    4 Air Base Tokens
    Production Points (Paper Money)
    5 Red Dice (6 sided)
    5 Black Dice (6 sided)



    Player Power Combat Unit Tokens (us$29.99)

    • 2mm thick punchboard tokens
    • 375 Player Power Specific Combat Unit Tokens including;
      Infantry, Artillery, Armor, Helicopter, Fighter, Fighter-Bomber, Bomber.

  • @iwillnevergrowup
    Just started playing this game Conflict & Chaos: Vietnam 1965 from

    There are a number of rules I don’t understand.

    1. where does the ANZUS Units originate? Dixie Station, Yankee Station or either one?

    2. Where does the South Vietnamese Army ARVN originate? I’m assuming at Saigon.

    3. The values printed on the Battle board for incomes don’t match the math i have when counting the nations. What are the starting money values of each nation?

    The way I figure it, it is supposed to be
    USA 25

    ARVN 21

    PARU 13

    NVA 32

    VC 15

    5 How Do the Neutrals work? Are unmarked spaces in Thailand neutral? And subject to the 3 infantry rule? Are there two spots one in NVA land and one in ARVN land that are unmarked. Are these neutral and subject to the 3 unit rule?

    6 In the rulebook, it talks about shared original territories. It uses the term in the plural, but I only see one territory like this. Saigon. Which other territories are shared original territories?

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    Hi everyone!

    It appears there were a few misprints and missed updates in the files on the Game Crafter site. Apologies to those who have purchased this game prior to today.

    **Here is a list of errata and clarifications from any copies purchased prior to 23/08/2021:


    • ARVN Starting Production Points should be 22, not 23.
    • PARU Starting Production Points should be 13, not 23.


    • US Control Markers missing from the following territories;
      ** Bankok, Nkhon Phanom, Ubon Ratachathani.
    • PARU Control Markers missing from all Thailand territories.
    • ARVN Control Marker missing from Sadec.
    • Country names missing.

    3) RULE BOOK

    • Page 2: Armored Personnell Carriers are NOT in game (removed from components list).
    • Page 7: Special Unit Rules and Placements: ARVN - “New ARVN units are placed in Saigon. If Saigon is controlled by Communist forces, ARVN may not place new units.”
    • Page 7: Units and their Values: “*Helicopters are available to purchase by the US and ARVN player powers only.”
    • Page 8: ANZUS: Anzus units deploy in Saigon, or if Saigon is controlled by Communist forces, Dixie Station.
    • Page 11: Special Political Rules and Effects: Anti Communist Forces: The Silent War (Cambodia and Laos): add to first line “(Units starting the game in these territories do not count unless they move and remain in Cambodia or Laos)”
    • Page 13: Bombers: “You may not conduct bombing on any territory you control”
    • Page 13: Bombers: Bombing the Ho Chi Minh Trail: “Bombing the Ho Chi Minh Trail is not considered invading and therefore does not allow the VC player to gain additional troops”


    Can Covert units move on the covert map?

    • No, covert troops remain in place. If they move, they are no longer covert and must be placed on the main board.

    PARU has units starting the game on the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Are those territories US owned at the start of the game?

    • Those territories begin the game as ‘contested’/occupied and not controlled. If the Communist forces do not take them by the end of the first round and PARU or other Anti Communist forces remain, they will be controlled by the US (or other Anti Communist force).

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