Which side does axis and allies favor?

  • Hey everyone, I’m talking bout my brother again. So according to anything I’ve ever read axis and allies 1940 is a rather axis heavy game. I assume this means it’s easier to win as the Axis. I’ve always taken it for granted but my brother refuses to believe it. Is it true that the game is easier for the axis? If so could people cite some evidence showing this. If not could people cite evidence showing this?

  • Well given equal skill playing both sides its easier for the axis. But bad dicerolls at the start or just being a bit passive as the axis at the start can swing that advantage back.

  • If you are new to the game, whoever is better will win with either side. Usually one person has a very defensive personality, focusing more on not losing than pushing towards a goal. That will inevitably lead to defeat as the other person finds weaknesses and builds an income advantage.

    It takes a large number of matches to have the natural Axis advantage manifest itself in face-to-face games. Don’t worry about the imbalance until you are able to predict what happens during the first six rounds of gameplay based just on the first round of dice rolls and spending. Fun game for both beginners and masters.

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