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    Over the course of the next year I am planning on redesigning this web site and almost everything about it. The only thing that will be modified only slightly will be the graphics.

    Things I want to accomplish

    • Make it easier for people to post contributions to the strategies and house rules section.

    • Make it easier for me (or a moderator) to edit (some people have really bad grammar) and then add contributions to the site.

    • Redesign the message board from scratch while keeping a similar format with more useful features.

    • An extensive play by email/web server. Including a dice server. I was thinking of creating an XML protocol that represents playing Axis and Allies and the designing a web based front end to hide those user-unfriendly details.

    • I’d also consider providing some sort of reference map that is useful but limited enough that you would still need to own the game to play (I don’t want to get into any legal issues).

    • Also if anybody has the time and skills, I’d like to see a real quality PDF version of the rule books, not this image-scanned oversized-file crap that Hasbro provides.

    Any other ideas or comments on these ideas are welcome.


    David Jensen
    Webmaster, Axis & Allies.org

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    Another idea …

    • A&A chatrooms
    • A&A chatooms with the dice roller/gameplay engine

  • Sorry about my grammer. I know its really bad!!!

    What about us being able to play the cd-rom game on here??? And letting other people watch. You could hold live tournments on this website. And we then could see who the best players are, (I WILL NOT BE ONE OF THEM) You could post ratings and stuff. I’ll pay if need be just please make the cost reasonable. And if it would not cost anything that would be great. A big thumbs up to the chatroom idea. I’m surprised you have not done it already. Please excuse my grammer!!

  • '19 Moderator

    I realy like the chat room / dice roller Idea.

  • Not only do I think watching games is gonna be hard to code (if we can do it), I believe we’d need permission.

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    Sorry, I don’t think the A&A CD-ROM idea is possible. Its a good idea but it can’t be done by anybody except those who wrote the game.

    If you want to play the CD-ROM with others online, then you’ll probably have to stick with using the MSN Gaming Zone http://www.zone.com

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  • Thank you for the Info.

  • The chatroom with the dice roller would be sweet.

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    Another idea I just had is unique anonymous posting identifiers like Anonymous001, etc.

    So you can sign up for an anonymous account without an email address but if you forget you password you are out of luck.

  • I like the chat room idea… for tips or something. And then you could have another one for games, that would have the dice roller in it. So it’d be similar to e-mail games, except it’s in real time.

    I also wouldn’t object to a little better layout for the site. Maybe having all the information in a frame or something. Or maybe having a table format… by that I mean, having the logo in the top left, then the current loaded page to the right of that. That, total, would maybe be two inches. Then under the picture, you have all the different links, all organized with headers and such, and in the main section, you have the actual page. (For a visual aspect look at yofartnut.com… no, not trying to spam, just an example.)

    And, I’m sorry, but I cannot stand the message board font. It’s so huge! You’ll notice I use html to get mine smaller.

    As for the reference map, just make it 8X11… the size of a piece of paper, no one could play on it, but it’d be there for reference, and could print out in one shot.

    I spose that’s all… I’m new to the forums, but I’ll try to be more active, so my suggestions seem more legit.

  • To make the text size smaller, go to View-Textsize-Small in the explorer window.

  • Chat room is a swell idea, but the hard part is finding enough people to be on at any one time. I guess using the forum in conjunction with the chat would help solve problem by arranging set times and dates when the chats would take place. Die roller… all good ideas 😄

  • On 2002-05-19 23:14, TG Moses VI wrote:

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    In it, he says,

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  • Xi, one quick thing.

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  • He Manuelly types it in 😄

  • Ah, I see. 😄 Well I would too, but I’m too lazy… Zzzzzz

  • Y is correctamundo. I have lots of time on my hands/brain/butt.–---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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  • TGM VI,
    Thanks for the Boko Ono update. Any relation to Yoko?

  • Nah, Bokon is from San Lorenzo, which I think is an island in South America. 😄

    (This one’s for Xi)
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  • Doh, wrong topic :sad:

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  • TGM VI,
    A short one! - Xi

  • Sure, No Problem 😄

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    I don’t know if this was suggested but could we get a forum for games like posting PBEM game turns or finding games/tornaments.

  • A game forum to report turns and updates would be nice since it wouldn’t get cluttered under General Discussion

    Finding games/tornaments can be done through the Find Players section under Events.

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