How does Russia stay alive in KJF?

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    Just finished playing a KJF against the computer in TripleA and lost (any time I can lose to the computer it is always a bit refreshing though). In this particular game, when it came time to abandon W. Russia for Moscow I decided to do it as a strafe and lost too many units, so Moscow went down immediately on the German turn. As I write this I am just realizing I could have adjusted the battle calculator to retreat after the first round so I could have checked if this plan made sense or not.

    Leaving out the multiple mistakes I made this time around, I’m still convinced that KJF is feasible… against the computer. Against an equally skilled human I don’t know how you would get anywhere before Russia dies. Most Allied plans regardless of overall strategy seem to think that it is helpful for the UK to build 3x INF for India and 2x FTR for chain movement down to India. This is a $29 expense and the UK starts at $31 income. In my game vs. the AI it sent the Med fleet out into the south Atlantic and let me own Africa until it started sending tanks down from the Caucasus. A real human is likely to take Egypt turn 1 and Trans-Jordan turn 2, with the rest of Africa crumbling by turn 3. The UK will not have $29 available to spend pretty quickly. The Germans can also shave off at least another FTR by threatening Sea Lion if they do the CV purchase G1 and stock FTRs in Norway, which still allows them to clean out W. Russia when ready. If you’re sure that KJF is happening, it also seems like SBR on India by the Japanese would be a more viable counter than normal.

    Moving over to the US, let’s say Japan skips the SZ 53 attack. At best you might be able to take Borneo on turn 3. Then on turn 4 you build the IC and possibly eliminate the IJN (we’re talking about the most favorable conditions possible here). Now on turn 5 maybe you have 4 land units making landfall in Asia. Isn’t Russia going to be eliminated by then? Now add a turn if SZ 53 attack happened. Now add a turn if the Japanese used a single destroyer to block the Borneo attack or did anything else to discourage you moving forward from the Solomons, like spending a whole turn buying naval. Now it’s turn 7 before Marines hit China. Isn’t Russia long gone by this point? Especially if Japan also took out India? Seems like you’re looking at minimally turns 8/9 before any ground units could reach Moscow, and then not in any numbers to make a difference. I agree that if Germany takes Moscow and the Allies didn’t take Japan (but took all other Japanese territory) things are still winnable, but the Allies likely must be west of China by then. What am I missing here?

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