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    The allies have decided to go after Japan, USA builds 100% pacific. Japan cant keep up with it’s navy without making sacrifices on land, and cant make any progress on land without compromising it’s navy. What should Japan focus on?

    • Surviving as long as possible?
    • Navy, and holding DEI?
    • Taking India and China?
    • Helping Germany win somehow?

  • I as Japan would wait on declaring war on J3. On J1 and J2 buy your factory and transports but keep the bulk of your fleet around carolines. On J1 and J2 either clean up China or move land units down in order to be prepard to take India / money islands. On J3 you can then take the money slands and fall back with your fleet to filipines.
    After that you indeed will have to play defensively (an Air and naval base on FIC or the chinese territory above that can help and will give a hard time to the US coming to Sz6 or attacking you.

    Grand strategy should then be that Germany goes after russia and Italy can opens or keeps pressure on brittish to prevent them from sending fighters to Moscow (Japan can do the same in lesser terms of course by putting pressure on india).

  • @WindowWasher survive for as long as possible and try to capture as much income as you can before declaring war on turn 3. Allow your Italy and Germany players to run wild on the Europe side of the board while you hold out and force the allies to either:

    1. Continue to commit their resources and units to finishing you off
      Or 2. Realize that KJF is not a very effective strategy and try to overcompensate on the Europe board by shifting their purchases that direction when it is already too late.

  • Of course you may have already done a J1 DOW and now are facing KJF.I’d keep buying land units and back up the navy close to asian ABs and NBs

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    Remember, as Japan you have like 20 planes from start you can put on carriers. This is the key. If you position wisely you dont ned to buy any fighters for the first 5 or 6 rounds. At the same time you shoud by at lest 5 carriers. But your fleet also need a few destroyers, but not more than the original 4. Any extra navy should be subs. The more the better.

    So ideally at end of round 5 you have like 8 carriers, 2 bb, 2 cr, 4 dest, 4 subs and 5 trannies

    America cant push you away noe and you should be making around 65 every round. You have spent like 140 ipc on navy and you have made a total of about 200. This give 60 for facilities and inf in china. Buy 1 or 2 factories or 1 factory and a navy base. Depending on situation. Ideally just 1 factory. Also, dont be to afraid of the far east russians.

  • Yeah, you have such valuable planes to fill out the Navy. If you abandon hopes of conquering India, this frees up so much income to delay the inevitable defeat in the Pacific.

    It is all about forcing the Allies to keep spending more turns on your side of the board, giving Germany time to get their income up. I would consider a heavy spend on German bombers since it will project power in three directions: Moscow, Middle East, and the Atlantic. If they can build up 15+ bombers, it will be very difficult for the Allies to have an amphibious invasion of Normandy or Norway once they switch attention to Europe.

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    @oysteilo After youve built as many carriers as you can fill with the starting planes, I think it might be best to play defensively with the navy, and focus 100% on land.

    The US will overcome the Japanese at some point, so that will result in the loss of the DEI, and convoy raiding of your coastal territories. If you’ve got all of China under control, that’s 12 IPCs that cant be taken away, and if you grab the russian territories, that another 5-7 IPCs that are guaranteed. If you combine that with the occasional lucky convoy rolls, youve got like 30 IPCs per round to work on breaking India, or infantry on japan. Or just solidifying controll over the stuff you have making it harder and harder for the allies to make progress

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