How to deal with American economy while playing axis?

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    I’m kind of new to forums but I need a little strategy help. I’m playing axis and am looking good so far in the game, i took England and am getting far into the Soviet Union with the Italians in the south, I have Ukraine, Caucasus, Stalingrad and am facing little resistance. However, there are a bunch of soviet infantry and a few artillery in Moscow which could be troubling later. Also the Germans are essentially in a deadlock with a large soviet force that is in East Poland, but I can defeat them next turn, if they don’t retreat. The problem is the americans (I wish I could say it like Sean Connery does is the hunt for red October). The have a large fleet next to Gibraltar, which they took back from the Italians. There is only two transports but he can get five or six more there next turn and while I have enough infantry in England to defend it the only fleet I have to attack his is the Italian fleet and they are split up in Egypt and the Black Sea. I will have to build a lot in Italy next turn to defend it and he could also put a lot of stuff in France to try and liberate it. America makes about 38 a turn plus bonuses which adds up to a lot, what should I do? ( I am currently thinking I should try to get rid of Soviet Union and take Moscow as quick as possible to leave America as the only country I am fighting, is that the right idea?)

    1. Unless the Axis control Turkey, no naval units can cross the Hellespont into the Black Sea

    2. Check the number of victory cities you control, you may already have 8, or will have 8 when you take Moscow assuming you don’t lose any you currently control

    3. If the war is ongoing, concentrate on submarines, fighters, and tactical bombers to sink Allied naval units and make sure there are no transports able to make landing by having your air units stationed at air bases to scramble to defend against amphibious assaults from adjacent sea zones

  • I like Gentlegamer’s points and agree with them. If the Allies already have naval superiority (and worse, you don’t have any ships left after your Sealion attack) there isn’t a lot you can do about that. You can still win the game though. As Italy, do make sure you keep units on Rome. But if it’s possible, try to have the Italians retake the 2 coastal territories in France once the Allies do start landing in them. It will give Italy more money and them having the factory (if they keep it for multiple turns) will free Germany to keep focusing on the Eastern front. Your best bet is to keep fortifying the coastal territories and the UK and try to take the remaining VC’s necessary to win. But as Gentlegamer alluded to, you don’t need all of the VC’s the Soviet Union controls IF you have Cairo, London, Paris, and the VC’s the Axis have had at the beginning of the game. You will need 2 of the 3 they have if you manage to keep the rest.

  • @Suppressmeajumma @Gentlegamer

    Thanks for the advice, he made the mistake of leaving all of his transports with a weak fleet made of carriers And planes. I attacked and when I had Damaged the carriers I retreated, so his planes crashed. I Appear to be winning and the Italians have no more opposition in Africa, thanks a lot for advice.

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