Good Value for UK scramble T1

  • 2018

    So, i scrambled 3 planes in SZ110, and the Scottish fighter for SZ111. in 110, my opponent scored 8\8 hits, eliminating all of my ships and planes, with my return fire sinking the battleship and taking out 1 tactical bomber. However, in 111, i was able to draw out the battle, with Germany retreating with 1 strat bomber left after i had taken out 3 pieces of Luftwaffe. The Scottish fighter survived. So, i lost all of my navy in 110 and 111, and 3 fighters on the UK, while knocking out 2 fighters and 2 tactical bombers. Is this an acceptable exchange or not, and why?

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    @Aaron_the_Warmonger no. That sounds like an awful U.K. turn. 8/8 hits for Germany ?
    You took out 4 German Air and lost 3, whilst losing 6 ships for the cost of the German Battleship. Sounds dreadful.
    By Scrambling to SZ110, Britain hopes to reduce German Air, which is needed to conquer Russia and project power over the whole board, especially at sea, preventing the US from getting a foothold on the European side. Germany, still having 8 Air on G2 (both Bombers) remains a real threat.
    Not many do it any more, but Germany could attempt a G3 Sealion now.
    Good luck.

  • 2018

    @Witt actually, after G1, if i don’t be careful, he can take london on T2 😞 I don’t normally scramble fighters with the UK, but it thought i would try it since he came in light (no subs sent to 110, 2 subs sent to 111, both of which got sunk as well). But ya, the 8/8 was the first battle we rolled for the new game…

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    @Aaron_the_Warmonger England can hold with 2 Fts and the units it starts with (8 Inf and 4 AA). Germany only has 8 Air and 2 Ground units. You habe to worry about G3. That is without any U.K. purchases.

  • 2018

    @Witt i omitted that germany purchased a transport T1 and a SB on T1, so they can get 4 units on london. I at least have my canadian destroyer and the destroyer to the west of england… i may try to block the baltic invasion force. I take your points, though!! Thanks for the response!

  • Since you got the destroyer if you put that in the channel and get your units from canada home germany has a hard time. You can get the gibraltar fighter home and maby buy 1 fighter + 6 inf. Now you got 3fts on londen. He cannot send 8 air against it because well scramble 1 dd + 3fts vs 1 cruiser = exit invation. But if he sends in 2 many for 110 he wont take london.

  • 2018

    @ShadowHAwk ya, and i don’t think i’ll be able to put an airbase on Gibralter like i’ve been doing and hold london, could be a long road back for the allies!

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