Can you clear one sea zone in order to attack another sea zone in the same turn

  • Could one use a portion of their navy to clear a hostile sea zone and then use the unused portion (on the same turn) to move through the once hostile sea zone and attack another sea zone? For Instance, can Italy clear SZ 92 in order to attack ships in SZ 91 in the same turn. I have read this question posed by CARSONBPARKER on JUL 17, 2017, 1:39 PM but was not able to see the answer he was given.

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    @genken No. All combat movement takes place during the Combat Move Phase. There is no additional Combat Move after the Conduct Combat Phase has started.

    If there were only enemy transports/submarines in SZ 92 (the SZ would not be hostile in this case) all attacking units could move through SZ 92 to attack in SZ 91, leaving maybe ships behind in SZ 92 to attack there. But all of this movement would occur during the Conduct Combat Phase prior to any combat.

  • Thank you very much Panther. This clarifies the question.

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