[Global 1940] Question about Reducing Countries IPC's

  • Hello Folks,

    I wanted to ask a question to the vets who have played a few games of Global 1940 … I just got it and have not played it yet. If we were to reduce the IPC’s each country gets in half…I know the game would speed up as casualties would not be replaced at the rate they are taken off the board…but would the balance of power in the game be drastically changed in your opinions? Thanks!

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    Part of the play balance in this game (G40) is that at the start of the game, the Allied powers have more income than the Axis powers. This put the Axis at a long-term disadvantage if the Axis do not strike hard and fast. If you reduce the income of both side by half, then you are reducing long-term advantage of the Allied powers (by cutting their economic superiority margin in half as well). As G40 is generally recognized as being a game that tends to favor Axis powers, this change would only make things that much harder for the Allies.


  • I can see how reducing the difference between the allies and the axis IPC, could lower the allies chances of reducing the advantage the axis should create early on…thanks

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    Mind you, you could pair your reduction of IPC values with a reduction in the number of units on the board at the start of the game. How much you would have to remove is something you would have to play out several times in order to get the balance right. I suspect this would start moving away from “easy fix” and moving towards “might as well be a different game”.

    Such is gaming.


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