Initial thoughts about a new map...

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    Hey all, it’s been a while but I’m catching the Axis and Allies bug again. I ran a game monthly game night for six years with the same type map and can’t get excited about setting up the exact same thing again. I think it’s the Aries in me - I love to create.

    So I was thinking about a new type of map. A basic limitation on maps is how far a human can comfortably stretch across them to reach things. For me this is about 41 inches. This means that the world map view lacks detail.

    But what about a map where the main historic theaters (like Europe, East Asia, and Pacific) are large (blown up) and thus more detailed and conductive to tactics, and the other areas (like South America and most of Africa) are represented abstractly around the edges like maybe in blow up boxes as the original AA 1984 map had?

    Does this kind of concept sound intriguing to you or would you rather still play on a less detailed overall world map?

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    Are you using the same time frame as your old map was I assume. I would like to see more terrain in territory’s with movement restrictions with weather involved.
    Be nice to have more ports and city’s on map plus maybe like 1 or 2 mainline railroads for all. But not like hbg 36 map.
    Larry’s new war game I liked the railroads on that map. If u need I can post pic of big map if u don’t have for ideas.
    Then u could have more SBR or sabatoge in Europe and maybe Africa and Asia.
    For me not a fan of blow up boxes. Rather see all on one map.
    Plus u could add sea mines and your pill boxes or whatever you have in game. Add more resources and oil stuff to.
    More convoy boxes or just routes on map. Just some ideas.
    Maybe make islands bigger with bays but this maybe limited based on where most fleets or navies battle it out.
    Maybe add event cards to game to have small changes or adjustments per turn for all countries which I have.

    Maybe change time frame of game. This way you can change setup some too. Maybe try to get more historical on setup a bit.

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    @GEN-MANSTEIN Thanks for the ideas - I’d like to add railroads and such since a bigger map would enable more detail. Lots to think through at this point.

  • @Der-Kuenstler Great to see you back DK, I know that the YouTube community would love to see a new video from ya. BTW… any new map you create will be awesome.

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    @Young-Grasshopper Thanks YG - I’ve missed fiddling with this game - it satisfies a creative urge I have in me, as well as you and others here. Even if ideas fail, they are fun to tinker with…glad to see you still around!

  • I would like to have a board based on hex tiles like in Battle of the Bulge, but smaller hexes and larger scale.
    So each hex can hold only one unit. Maybe larger hexes as sea zones, or keep sea zones as they are.
    This would be a completely different game. I would even add simple supply line mechanics with harbours and trucks. IPC income are based on single hexes that represent cities, so no control markers needed. Captured cities needed to stay occupied with units … and yes a lot of new rules needed… and month or years of testing and balancing 😄

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    @Sturmhard-Eisenkeil said in Initial thoughts about a new map...:

    I would like to have a board based on hex tiles like in Battle of the Bulge, but smaller hexes and larger scale.

    A question I’ve asked before, but… At what point does “house rules” and “game tinkering” move over to making a completely different game, albeit one with pieces from the first game?


  • @Midnight_Reaper propably if fundamental game mechanics of the original game won’t apply any longer.
    It was more a wishful thinking from my side. I’d absolutely love it if there would be more scenario based A&A games like D-Day, Guadalcanal and BotB.
    So like for example a North Africa Campaign game based on hexes with supply line mechanics…
    … but I’ll stop it right there … never mind 😉

  • I took Europe 1940 2nd edition to my local printer and enlarged Europe, UK and parts of Russia,

    little confusing - must look at both maps but we used some blank 1/2" cardboard counters to mark where armies were on “blown” up map.

    Works pretty good

  • Glad that you are back. Your YouTube videos are one of the main reasons I started playing Axis & Allies. Wish you success with building a new war room. Looking forward to seeing your new map when you create it.

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    @Stumblebum Thank you!

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