• Unfortunately a flood has occurred in my house and a few of my board games were casualties, including AA 1914, but when I looked online everything was out of stock and on ebay its near $300! Is this temporary? Where could I find the game for less than $100. I am a broke college student and love this game but simply cannot just drop $300 on a board game. I live in Chicago if that is important.

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    Man that SUCKS. Sorry to hear brother…

    Yeah 1914 is going for bigger $ at the moment… just bide your time and you’ll find a deal, some of the guys here will certainly look out for you also.

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    I bought mine from Greece for 85 Euro before around a month. I just checked and i can still find it from 85 to 100 Euro in different shops. But reason is because in Greece they still have some copies since unfortunetly this game is not so popular. I guess that by taking it from here to send it to Chicago will exceed the 100Euro you want to pay and may doesnt worth it. I Hope you will find a copy near you.

  • supposedly there will be a remake, just just sit tight and fight WW2 game for a while.

  • Try checking out Historical Board Gaming. If your 1914 pieces are still intact (they are plastic after all) you can replace rulebooks, game boards, and roundels without replacing the whole thing. It might be cheaper for you


  • @Derek_Davidson

    good logic.

    I was able to buy a game board and several tokens.
    I purchased 1/72 scale soldiers from each country…These are better than the actual soldiers included in the game because they are all the same.
    The unfortunate thing about the 1914 game is that all the tokens are identical except for the color.

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    Got word HBG has tons of 3D printed Great War units to be offered for sale in short order. Be patient. All the good stuff is finally on its way and the plastic is really good. I just got a shipment of exclusive ww1 stuff.

  • @eisenhower I’m a year late but never mind! Are these game boards that HBG sells actually the out of the box ones or a print on vinyl/plastic?

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