Naval movement through newly captured seazone during current turn?

  • A&A 1942 2nd Edition:

    Is this a legal move?

    Attackers want to conduct an amphibious assault 2 seazones away, but enemy ships block its path in the first seazone. If the attackers first cleared out those enemy ships, can the amphibious assault crew then travel through on this same turn?

    Actual scenario:
    US Transport in SZ 59 wants to amphibious assault SZ 61 (Kiangsu)
    Japanese battleship is in SZ 60 blocking this movement.
    US successfully destroys the battleship with other sea units.
    So, assuming the US transport stayed back while this naval battle occurred, is SZ 60 now technically friendly for the US transport to move through and conduct an amphibious assault in SZ 61? Or does the US have to wait another turn?

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    @mk614 Welcome to the forum 🙂

    All combat movement is considered to take place at the same time during Combat Movement phase.
    So after the battle in SZ 60 there is no additional Combat Move phase during the same turn allowing whatever move to attack or amphibiously assault.

    After the battle (after the Conduct Combat Phase) the Noncombat Move Phase takes place, with its respective rules.
    You can of course move those units that did not move during Combat Move Phase and/or that did not participate in combat through that seazone. But you would not be allowed to unload your troops into a hostile territory, then.

    Note that you do not “capture” sea zones. You only clear them from enemy units, thus change their status from hostile to friendly.

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    One thing that is related… On land if you want to blitz and the first space entered has a Factory, then you cant enter a second area… This is the case in 1942.2 online but im not sure if its another glitch as usual or official rule. I tend to believe the latter

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    @Imperious-Leader Indeed, that is an official boardgame rule. Page 13:
    “A tank can “blitz” by moving through an unoccupied hostile territory as the first part of a move that can end in a friendly
    or hostile territory. The complete move must occur during the Combat Move phase. The tank establishes control of the first territory before it moves to the next. Place your control marker on the first territory and adjust the national production levels asyou blitz. A tank that encounters enemy units, including antiaircraft artillery units or an industrial complex, in the first territory it enters must stop there.

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