• Nevermind the introductions (I used to post here a few years ago, but have gone on A&A hiatus, now I’m back!), I’m in a bit of a pickle.

    I started the game strong as the allies, but made a few serious miscalculations which will probably cost me the game. It is my opinion that in the revised edition, the U.S. must go after Japan. But we can argue that later.

    It is currently the U.S. turn. I have 1 battleship, 2 destroyers, 1 aircraft carrier, two planes and 2 transports sitting in a zone 45 (Solomon Islands - captured w. 2 inf)

    Japan has built two ICs on the Mainland, has captured China, Sikiang, India, The Soviet Far east, Yakut and Barratia.

    ( don’t ask me how I let this happen. Like I said, serious miscalculations)

    Japan’s fleet in sea zone 60 consists of 2 battleships, 1 destroyer, 1 aircraft carrier, 2 fighters and 1 transport.

    The way i see it, I have three options, and I don’t like any of them.

    1.) Attack the main fleet with all I have, including 1 bomber from the Hawaiian islands.

    (I’ve run two simulations and lost both times)

    2.) Conquer the Philipine islands.

    ( Leaves my fleet vulnerable to attack by 4 extra planes from Mainland)

    3.) Sit tight.

    (may be joined by two extra subs next turn, 1 of them british).

    The Japs are running rampant. I don’t see how I can seriously damage them short of miracle rolling.

    Any thoughts, anyone?

  • 2007 AAR League

    Off the top of my head…

    Might it be a 4th alternative taking Borneo? Will that leave you less vulnerable to the mainland figs?

    Or a 5th alternative taking east indies? That will buy you one extra round before his fleet can reach you.

    Take either, reinforce with the subs(and more builds possibly). Build an IC?

    I have little practice with island hopping, to me it seems more important to secure Africa and reinforce the Russian/German front.

  • Or even New Guinea, which positions the US to then go after FIC or India?

  • Yes of course. Here I am stuck in old modes of thinking!  Since posting I have realized that Ihave just as much chance of taking East Indies as the Philipines, with more IC gain, and far less risk to my fleet. And then the IC is of course an excellent idea. ( I neglected to mention that Borneo is occupied by the British)

    Thanks guys!

  • And if he fortifies Asia and moves his fleet to block you once you are in East Indies, and if you fear that your fleet will get smashed as he builds up in SE Asia, then just move on over to Africa and back-door smash the German forces, or reinforce Russia by landing in and blocking naval access to Persia…

    Or you can always sail throught eh Suez (after liberating Egypt and T-J) and threaten German with fleets coming east AND west…

  • hello Tom,

    your game is VERY FAR from lost 🙂
    the situation you’re talking about can happen in A&A Revised, and even fearly quick!

    so, keep up the good hopes!
    and maybe do one of the things above…

    you’ll do just fine!

  • Well I went with the East Indies plan. He did not go after my flee, so I had time to build up and attack his. It worked beautifully, but by that time Russia was too far gone. He had so many tanks piled up  on both sides it was too little too late. If only this if only that.

    Next time, I’ll have to keep this plan in mind and go for it much earlier. Concentrate on the pacific fleet, and try to keep the UK fleet in play longer, instead of sacrificing it.

    What can I say, I was rusty! Next time!

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