• 2020

    What if you saved your money from G1.

    30 IPCs + 70IPCs = 100 IPCs to be spent where ever needed on G2 could be powerful.

    Say you buy a carrier and 2 transports G1, and then London is really well defended, that’s 30 IPCs that could’ve been spent elsewhere more effectively.

    But if you save your money and see that after UK1 London isn’t well defended, you can plop the mother load of transports down and take it comfortably, or if it is defended, you can plop down 25 Artillery and cruise on over to Moscow in style backing your artillery up with mechanized which will catch up from behind.

  • I’ve tried this out a few times, it is like a “sneaky sea-lion”. I don’t usually have issues with US coming to liberate Britain in this scenario either because it is so fast. You can make it a real blind-side if you move the french troops back and move troops to the Russian front as if you’re preparing for a big Eastern push.

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