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    I have a bunch of A&A games to give away. I was originally going to do something where I would give it away to members of the forum here, prizes or whatnot. But you all have these games (or in the case of Zombies don’t want it) so I was thinking of doing something else.

    I was thinking of donating the games instead. However, I need some help trying to figure out where/how to do this. My initial search for gaming related orgs that help financially durressed or underrepresent communities failed. So I have to find something else that makes sense and get these games into the hands of new, younger players.

    Let me know your thoughts on the subject.

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    Perhaps try contacting some “Boy Scouts” people ? Younger and may have some interest. I just called one up and donated my cans last week. Anyway, just a thought.

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    Another thought is maybe the “Boys and Girls” clubs. Or “YM/YWCA”

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    Well, the Boy Scouts are having their own set of issues right now but I like where you’re going with the other organizations. Good starting point!

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    @Gargantua always has good ideas for getting more A&A players. Any ideas?

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    Donate them to our troops in some capacity. All soldiers like to play at war while at R&R

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    @djensen said in Games giveaway → donation:

    Well, the Boy Scouts are having their own set of issues right now …

    I’m not familiar with the issues. It’s a nationwide organization but each troop is individual in who is the Scoutmaster. Some are better than others. Anyway, I hope you don’t use too wide a brush. I’m sure the other two have their issues as well.

  • Maybe to games clubs for schools.

  • @djensen ,

    This is a great thing you’re doing. Thank you very much for caring about others! It really goes to show your character and I appreciate it.

    USO is a sort of official DOD program that provides recreation and relaxation for troops. They are a great resource. Every military base worldwide has a USO.Most airports do too, I cant confirm that every airport does but every airport I’ve been in does. When I was in service, I went to the USO about every month or so when in garrison for a road trip to different places. They do more than just “care packages”. Every base has a building for them. They have pingpong, video games, computers, books, and board games. And more. They also have trips. When I was in Florida, they actually took a group of us to Disney world for a two day trip (although I missed that one), and only cost us I think it was $25 for transportation (free hotel overnight and free park admission).

    If that isnt your preferred route, there is also Toys for Tots, but keep in mind that is typically for quite younger children who will likely be unable to comprehend the complexity of this game.

    Last option I can think of would be a library or other community organization that has a “board game day” or similar in their summer program.

    If all else fails, you could always do a raffle on this forum where people sign up for only specific titles that they do not own and want to have a chance to win, and donate the proceeds somewhere. Just make sure the participants know where the donations are going beforehand, as not all donations are non-controversial.


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    Thanks for the suggestion!

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    @djensen apologies I just saw this message now.

    I would have some ideas if you wanted to use them to increase interest or activity at aa.org, but if the plan is to help other communites, I’m not certain how best to achieve that, though I love the suggestion from SV.

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