• Hi guys,

    So im reading about the dutch territories, and if i understand correctly, ANZAC and/or the UK can take over the dutch territories in their non combat move phase.
    So 2 questions:
    1:Is it then possible to get 2 territories with 1 transport in 1 turn?
    2: is it possible to take those territories with a fighter?
    Because the can land there even if it’s not an anzac territorie yet.


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    Hi Mark Welcome to the site. No and no. Once you unload you can’t move your transport. Only land units activate. I can’t remember if AA guns do but I’m thinking not.

    Someone will probably quote the rule book for you.

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    @Mark-Prinsen Welcome to the forum.

    @barnee said in Dutch territories:

    Someone will probably quote the rule book for you.

    OK then, here are the quotes from the Pacific 1940.2 rulebook:

    Page 32 for Transport:
    “Loading onto and/or offloading from a transport counts as a land unit’s entire move; it can’t move before loading or after
    offloading. Place the land units alongside the transport in the sea zone. If the transport moves in the Noncombat Move phase, any number of units aboard can offload into a single friendly territory.”

    Page 38/39 for UK/ANZAC:
    "It may, however, take control of Dutch territories (gaining their IPC income) by moving land units into them as a
    noncombat movement, as long as they have not yet been captured by an Axis power. "

    That an AA Gun does not qualify has been clarified by Krieghund, for example here:

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