Global + Europe/Pacific 1940 Game Aids/Setup Charts

  • TripleA

    Hello again!

    After a very long time away from Axis and Allies I have started to get back into the game. The last time I played Alpha + 2 was out and I am still on my first edition games for 1940. I had considered replacing them, though after looking at the pricing again, decided not to. Given that I can play the second edition games with my FE with some new setup charts I figured it was a bit of waste of money. Sure there are fancy new AAA gun molds and a couple minor tweaks to the map but not a big deal for me.

    I updated the charts I had made previously to reflect the new SE setups. Rather than define them as 1940 SE I just called them 1940 since that is the new base setup for the game. I created charts including an IPC tracker, NOs, Setup Charts, Game Aids and a Battle Board. They can be printed and affixed to some foam board which is what I do to give them a bit more stability. I created the same charts for the base Europe and Pacific games. The setup charts probably won’t help many people but for me I adjust the sizing to fit right on top of my FE boxes so for anyone in my position it will be an easy swap.

    Rather than make 3 threads for the same thing I have all the links posted below. Download what you think you might need/use.


    Europe 1940 Game Aids

    Pacific 1940 Game Aids

    Global 1940 Game Aids

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