• Hey guys, I’m new to axis and allies, and just got the 1941 edition. I need the allies strategy because it seems like this map is too unbalanced; every time I play axis I win, but as allies i lose.
    My current strategy is just to have the Allies fight Germany alone as it seems Germany is just so strong, with the UK keeping Japan occupied with troops in India/australia, and the US pacific fleet keeping an eye on the japs. But it doesn’t really seem to work, Japan always manages to overpower India if they aren’t going all out on india. Seems so hard to play allies. Any suggestions?
    Cheers, Adm. Nimitz

  • As the issues I raised were sufficiently disinteresting to warrant no replies :sob: I have gone back over past forum postings and picked out those that might offer options to me, leaving aside customised versions, such as the addition of artillery. Having made the effort it might be helpful to some other new arrival, so am posting it. Of course some of the ideas below are opposed.

    I had been through the forum before, but with more experience some of these postings now mean more to me.


    I think the mistake that people are making is that they are attempting to go with a 100% kill Germany strategy. This kill Germany approach works in most Axis & Allies games but not in 1941. The allies need to control Japans economy as much as possible.

    Attack Manchuria with 3 inf and the fighter.

    I have to say I struggle with the Japan first options some table, because Germany is at the gates of 2 Allied capitals and so pivotal. This much posted idea does not go as far as Japan first, but is the distraction from defending Moscow warranted? Some responses have doubted it and other supported the idea.


    … the allies cannot win with russia so heavily crushed. The gain in IPC’s for both the axis countries should ensure victory.


    There are several ways to skin a cat, and people have to rethink things. One point I would raise is: a good German player would attack Egypt w/ 2 inf, 1 tank, 1 fighter, and the bomber on G1.


    Attacking Egypt with at least one fighter and troops from Southern Europe loaded onto a transport and shipped over to help the tank on the first turn is something I consider vital if the Axis want to win. There’s just to many British troops there to let them get away. As for Russian, don’t underestimate them, they can still put up a fight, but if they don’t get help from the other two Allies then they will fall.

    As for Japan, Depending on how Germany does is how you should plan. If Germany does well on her first turn, then throw on the pressure on mainland Asia and set up to hit India on turn 2 (you technically can do it J1 but it’s risky, especially if the British player puts an extra fighter in India, which is what I always do) and then go on to attack Russia from behind.

    If Germany doesn’t do stellar on their first turn, then I settle for dominating the Pacific. You should be able to crush Australia on J2 even if the American player flies fighters over there and you got good dice rolls the first turn. Once that’s secure it’s suprisingly easy to keep your navy on par with the Americans and you can really put on the pressure, though you might have to sacrafice making advances in Asia, keeping the US distracted in the Pacific is worth it as it lets Germany get back up on her feet.

    As Russia, I almost always attack Western Russia on turn one with all the infantry from Karelia, Arkangle, and Moscow. You should be able to crush through the Germans with no problem, and if the British player puts a fighter there on their turn, then it’s a very strong position. Attack Ukraine with both tanks, the fighter, and the Caucus infantry. Try to kill off the German infantry if nothing else BUT RETREAT, repeat, DO NOT TAKE UKRAINE on your first turn, its not worth it and it puts your tanks in to much of a risk. Bring the Siberian infantry on their long trek to Moscow.

    You can go all in on Japan, and if so, basically just abandon Russia and throw all units into attacking Japan.

    As for the United Kingdom, your navy was probably killed the first turn, however with an air buy and placing it in England on your first turn you can stop any German surface fleets for a long time. In fact, if you decide to make the UK the player who’s going to beef up Russia, then you should just do lots of air buys and fly the fighters into Russia to help them out. If you get the chance to invade Norway, do it.

    Personally I usually task the UK with fighting the Japanese while the US helps out Russia. Buy a plane on turn one to place in India, Send the Indian Fleet to South Africa to pick up the Inf there, Send the Australian Inf to India via the transport and the sub to Hawaii. Basically from there just keep pumping one tank a turn into India, and if Australia doesn’t fall, then one unit there a turn (usually inf, but subs are viable too). If you defend efficently then after a turn or two you should be able to go on the counter attack as long as America keeps their Pacific fleet in the Pacific to back up Australia.

    Attacking Egypt closes the Suez Canal, protecting Southern Europe from a UK landing from India, so that is very interesting. Can the distraction of forces away from Moscow be justified?


    …. yes, the Inf rush of W. Russia and the rest going ukraine is the best move in my opinion (Though i don’t leave a unit in karelia, archangle). You get overwhelming odds in W. Russia and you’ll be in a great position after you take it (Germany, unless they ignore the British navy won’t have enough forces to safely take you on). However, don’t invade Ukraine, go in, do one die roll, then retreat. So far, being aggresive has given me the best results. In one game I even had the mighty motherland come roaring back her R1 attacks were so great. On R4 she blitzed all of her territory back, took W. Russia, Ukraine, and next thing you know a giant horde of ruskies is invading E. Europe and frtiz called it quits. Oh, and Moscow falling on G3 was the norm in the vanilla set up rules.

    As tempting as it is the Manchuria attack is to risky with to low of a chance of pay off.

    I already do the Western Russia attack, but the concept of attacking the Ukraine but not pressing home, had not occurred to me. The tanks in the Ukraine are vulnerable. As per other postings not here quoted I just need the infantry to withstand the counter roll.


    Remember the strat of shucking US bombers to Australia? Now you can do it with fighters too! All you need to do is leave a carrier off the coast of Western US. Australia is in range! Helps a bunch to pressure the IJN in the South Pacific and “money islands”.

    Erm… okay?

    That’s my crib sheet for my next game then!

    Thanks to past contributors. And also to anyone that adds to this list - if this thread is now more interesting!

    Adm Nimitz

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