• Not sure if anyone has done this yet so thought I would throw this out and get some feedback from anyone on this board…

    One of the aspects of the game is that everyone can see everyone else’s pieces and position. Therefore, any strategy employed is basically revealed upon purchase of the pieces. So we decided to develop a variant. It also works well with the quarantine, since you can play over Zoom.

    We have three players. One is Axis, the other is Allies, and I am the game master. We each have our own boardgame at home. The main twist, is that while we set up each of our games exactly the same, after the game begins you can only see your pieces. The only thing you know about your opponent is what is revealed when they battle or when they conduct reconnaissance. This allows each of the players to build up special forces and attack their opponents in unorthodox ways. It also partially mitigates many of the common strategies since you have guard your territories against sneak attacks.

    Here is how it works. We set up the board. Then in battle order turn, each player communicates confidentially with the game master on three troop movements before the game starts. This allows each player to somewhat reposition their forces from the beginning. Once this is done, we start. In battle order turn the player communicates their purchases to GM, tells the GM their attacks. The GM brings both players together, announces the attacks in the order the attacker desires, and conducts the battle. Each player knows all pieces in the attacks, what border country the pieces came from, and if an attack is ended before victory, which country the pieces leave through. Then the player tells the game master confidentially where the purchased pieces go. Then it goes to the next country up.
    There are some additional rules needed for how to conduct reconnaissance, who can detect subs, how subs are attacked, how naval movement works with incidental contact, etc.

    But the benefit is that you may not have any idea what your opponent is up to. This becomes very interesting in the pacific theater where your naval units have lots of room to move undetected, and asian factories may go undetected for multiple rounds.


  • @scottyp65 have played that type of game before many moons ago. It does add a little bit of realism but at the cost of game length and overly complexity. The version we played involved having more ipcs because you had to purchase scouts… (representing intel, spys, etc) this was the way you could identify what was in a neighbouring territory. The further away the harder the intel. Navy combat was even more intricate. Just because you moved into a zone with an oppenent did not mean automatic combat. Had to send scout planes to find surface ships and destroyers had to be sent on Anti sub patrol. It was interestings. Lots of added rules. My opinion. If you have friends that are like minded it will be a fun game. But trying to convince a different player to play that way can be difficult to explain and for that player to be engaged. Basic AA is just that. Basic. If you like more realism added to your version of AA take a look at Gamers Paradice addition rules they have 3 expansions. They add a little complexity to the basic version of AA. If you search around you may rven find rules for what you are looking for already made. Good luck and have fun. If your looking to play an online game of AA online 1942 look up tag its the same. Welcome to the forums

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    Yea about ten years ago or more there was a game called “Global Conquest”. It was “Risk” and “A&A” combined but no naval. The cool part was that you could only see the units in TTys that you were next to.

    I know its been requested at triplea as a feature. Seemed that redrum was receptive to the idea or at least didn’t dismiss it.

    At any rate, I think it would be way cool. The “Pacific” is right. Would be lots of fun. I guess on Tabletop, you got it down pretty good. Probably caqn’t really do it “FTF” unless it’s something like Larry’s “War Room” idk. I like it though 🙂

  • It is difficult to do FTF, need to have three games set up in three different rooms where the players cannot hear each other, have access to drinks and a bathroom without passing the other board, and cannot see the main board. Zoom actually works well with this.

  • @scottyp65 That is hardcore scotty. LOL someone likes AAA a little too much me thinks.

  • @Sgt-Mclusky We tried to minimize rule changes, and in order to do that we stuck with the original naval rules as much as possible. In precombat moves naval forces which hit each other must stop and fight as a blocking action. In post combat moves, naval forces which hit each other coexist until it is the other players turn where they get to choose. Only BB and ACs detect subs. Subs see everything except other subs. We kept it simple. What was really interesting, is that in my role as games master, I could see what the other players were doing and thinking. They could not get out of the box from playing a normal game. The worst play came from the allies. The US has the greatest opportunity for surprise, but he played them very poorly. He had one interesting ploy which ended up with a transport in the middle of the pacific with two infrantry, but wasted it by taking the phillipines for $3. The next round they were eliminated, but Axis had no idea they were there… Im playing next. Will be fun coming up with new strategy.

  • @Sgt-Mclusky We are starting a new game where I am going to play the allies. Interested in hearing my strategy, my opening moves and giving me some feedback?

  • Per the rules above, everyone gets three troop moves before the game starts. Mine are:


    1. 2 tanks, fighter from Moscow to Sinkiang
    2. 1 sub from Karelia to sea zone outside of france/spain
    3. 1 tank, 1 man from Soviet Far East to Yakut.


    1. 2 men via transport, fighter from India to Egypt
    2. 2 men via transport, 2 fighters, BB from England to Karelia
    3. 1 man from Syria to Egypt


    1. 2 men in transport, fighter, bomber from Eastern US to French W. Africa
    2. 1 AC with fighter from Hawaii sea zone to Pacific Panama sea zone
    3. 2 men and fighter from Sinkiang to India.


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