• I’m on the newer side of Global 40 2nd edition. We have played three games so far. The first one was an outlier where no one knew anything and Germany steamrolled. Since adding a bid (34 points- Russia 2 fighters, 2 artillery, Britain sub for Taranto), in games 2-3 I’ve been the allies. I can’t seem to stop Japan. They’re averaging a turn 7-8 sack of Calcutta, but afterwards their navy swells to an absurd size and the US and Anzac fleets combined can’t hold them back leading to a Pacific Victory. My current strategies have managed to stop Germany’s advance into Russia the last two times (gets Leningrad but not Ukraine)but I really think this has been down to the two axis players being significantly out of sync on their DOWs. I’m not sure if I’m over committing on the Atlantic side with the USA, or playing poorly with China/India/Anzac. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    OOB? Three things if OOB. 1) $34 is not enough of a bid. Needs to be at least $50. Buying 2 fighters for Russia is not the way to go as that would be far better used as infantry. These two things combined sound like you are having to over commit the US to the Atlantic.

    In the Pacific Calcutta holding till Turn 7 or 8 is actually great. Normally they go down on Turn 5. 2) The US needs to spend the bulk of their money in the Pacific so by the time Japan knocks out or beats down China and India a large US force is there to stop them from winning the game. 3) With a large US presence ANZAC can be aggressive instead of defensive. Trading the Money Islands and forcing Japan to spend money against ANZAC is a must.

    Get the US fleet to Queensland or Carolines as quickly as possible without being destroyed. That forces the Japanese to combine their navy or get picked off in detail.

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    Nuke those sneak attack bastards

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    USA equalling the IJN requires a sustained and committed build up. Generally, you should build a lot of CVs and subs, with a few DDs. Don’t spend too much money on troops and transports (although you should have some) or Cruisers and BBs. When the USA can hold the Carolines, they’re part way there. Convoying, taking and holding money islands or Korea are all good moves if the opportunity presents.

  • You don’t have to fully stop Japan. India and China will inevitably fall no matter what you plan. If you have ANZAC ground troops supported by American planes, you can prevent Australia from falling easily into Japanese hands. Have a couple tanks or mechs that can prevent a beachhead forming in Western Australia. Those planes can shuttle back to Hawaii if he tries to have an amphibious assault to capture that victory territory.

    Uncontested in the Pacific, Japan will eventually be able to win in that theater. Still, it takes a surprisingly long time to get to that point so hopefully you can start shifting spending to that side of the board once you got the European Axis powers weakened. You just need to hinder their income by capturing Normandy/Norway and convoy raiding Italy with a big stack of Mediterranean subs. At that point Russia+UK can do most of the maintenance work to hold back Germany.

  • Thanks for all the advice folks. In our current game, we just finished turn 8. I’ve lost all ground forces in Europe as the US due to a tragically poor roll in Italy. Calculator had my odds at 89% victory. I have a large stack of Russians (72 infantry, 20ish tanks +11 artillery) about to massacre about 40 German infantry in Leningrad. I turtled as Russia and it worked wonders and am now pushing back out. As to Japan, Calcutta fell turn 6 this game, China is dead as of turn 7. With my combined Anzac and US fleets cycling between Queensland and Hawaii, I have +1 net carrier on japan (he has 10, I have 9). He made the mistake of invading Africa without sufficient naval power and a British battleship and a bit of my med fleet seem to have controlled the bleeding down there, but may lose Middle East. I feel like Russia doesn’t have the men to take Germany down, as japan is nibbling them from behind, and they will surely take heavy losses in their upcoming engagement. Though Uk has Normandy and a large force in Greece, German production in Romania and Western Germany has them stonewalled. I fear that japan will move his forces to Carolina islands next and then force me to either hit him or choose between defending Anzac or Hawaii. Thanks for the tips; I’ll try to put them into practice next time I’m Allies, which will be 2 games for us!

    TLDR; Europe stalemate/slight advantage, Pacific looks bad.

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    Sounds like the Allies are doing really well. The allies need a meat grinder to wear down the axis with the allies’ numerical superiority.

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