• Just wondering what everyone does for a living?  I’ll start…

    I am in the Navy myself; will be until December '07.

  • family and ER physician.

  • Former Military here (USAFA in 87, PAARNG in 88, USAITC in 89)

    Currently I am a Customer Service Technician/ERS for Safety Kleen Systems.  I work out of two facilities, primarilly Raleigh, NC, but also St. Paul, NC, and I am the only CST/ERS for the eastern Carolinas.  I am the only trained and certified repair specialist for several on-site hazardous waste processing systems, as well as primary field customer service issue resolution, a fair amount of sales, and even the occasional “drum jockey.”  I am also the local compliance and regulatory specialist.

    Pay is nice.  Benefits are great.  With my seniroty, I have 3 weeks of vacation a year, plus 10 holidays and a week of sick days.  I only work weekends or holidays on rare occasions (like yesterday).

    And with that my friends, you have the makings of a person with the time and resources to be able to devote as much time to this site as I do 🙂

  • Two jobs.

    The most recent one is managing an electronics repair store that is going through a transition.  It was a pretty hefty operation (multimillion dollar contracts with Best Buy, Circuit City, etc.) last year, until one of the owners messed up the situation.  Now the current owner is getting it back on its feet, and needed help.  I got subcontracted through a mutual friend, and it looks to be a lucrative opportunity.  I also am learning electronics repair, which is fun and informing.

    My fulltime job is… (looks around for IL)…IT manager at a retail grocery cooperative.  We are one of the fastest growing cooperatives in the country (but far from the biggest), and we are on our way to $8 million+ in sales this year.  Yes, we are comminazis, thank you very much.

    My other fulltime job is dad.

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    I own and run some 127 units of one and two bedroom apartments in and around Southern Calif. I have been in business since 1991.Very few vacancies since the earthquake  in Northridge. i spend my time working on my Wargames, playing Basketball, playing Drums, reading History books, writing music, and watching anything related to WW2. My girlfriend is from Ukraine and i give her a rash of crap about American and German cultural superiority over France. She takes it in stride and accepts this consequence of hanging out with me. She is very educated and was a professor at Odessa Polytechnic University (OSPU).

  • I’m a student. Providence College. Political Science major.

    I run an archery range during the summer.

  • Student, heading off to college in the fall. Currently, I’m landscaping/caretaking at the Marriot’s summer compound up here, and working at the local library. I hope the caretaking job’ll last all through summer, but if it doesn’t I don’t know what I’ll do to fill.

  • @Imperious:

    playing Drums

    how long have you been playing, and some of your favorite drummers?

  • I paint houses……I’m an ex drummer myself…The best by far is the drummer for Rush although he’s getting old now. The drummer for Pantera was excellent also.

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    “how long have you been playing, and some of your favorite drummers?”

    Copeland …but i dont play acoustic… Never! I allways had either e-mu, Simmons, Yamaha, or Roland electric drums. I had an expensive DW set a long time ago but i grew tired of having to tune up everything every few times i played. Been playing since 1978 I should have added keyboards as well as voice, but mostly i just like to play along with old Roxy Music tunes.Nothing much just for fun…

  • student at GWU during the year, work at a deli currently

  • MD, IL - I’ll start new thread if you want.  Would love to discuss drumming & maybe music in general…

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  • When not working as a sound engineer or busting my ass carrying equipment, I’m studying sound engineering and technique’s.
    On my free time I spend it all playing music, I used to play Bass but currently I’m playing guitar and still struggling to learn how to play keyboards.


  • 2007 AAR League

    im a transmission system operator, what that means is i handle all the high voltage switching in the tennessee valley, while keeping evryone in 8 states with power, you know the guys that caused the blackout in the northeast in 04, that is what i try to prevent from happening in the south east usa

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