WW2 Path to Victory - Feedback Thread

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    @AndrewAAGamer I think we are all somewhere along the spectrum of luck versus strategy. I find both extremes boring and unsatisfying. I am closer to the strategy extreme, than the luck, thus I would prefer directed tech. But I think buying tech, rather than rolling for tech breakthroughs, sounds boring, and simply unrealistic for what we are supposed to be simulating. If tech was directed(I chose what tech to research), but random(I can’t be sure if/when my scientists will have a breakthrough), I think it could add a lot of fun variety to the game.

  • I have a system for tech along those lines on a shelf somewhere. It’s however not fully honed. Perhaps I should bring forth the broomstick and dust it off anyway? Could be the final process of developing.

  • One solution (as Adam alluded to with his mention of 1914 tech) would be a semi-directed tech tree–which gives you an element of control by allowing you to choose a research focus (e.g., land, sea, economy). without dictating specific technologies. What do you guys think?

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    For me anything that lessens the randomness of Tech but allows the ability to slightly adjust strategy based on achieving Tech is a good thing.

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    @regularkid I’ve never heard of any tech for 1914? What is it you are talking about?

  • @CaptainNapalm 1914 domination on TripleA

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    @regularkid said in WW2 Path to Victory - Feedback Thread:

    One solution (as Adam alluded to with his mention of 1914 tech) would be a semi-directed tech tree–which gives you an element of control by allowing you to choose a research focus (e.g., land, sea, economy). without dictating specific technologies. What do you guys think?

    G40 allowed you to pick which table you would roll on and everyone hated it.

    I still don’t see much point in implementing a non directed tech system. Who would want it? Or perhaps you could support both systems via a map option (assuming that is possible). Then those who see merit in the random result (which is who?) could use that.

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    Perhaps a league thing but one thing I don’t like about more scramble options is that there are more questions needing to be asked of defenders. Obviously not an issue if you are playing online.

  • @simon33 it hasn’t slowed down the games too much for me, because a majority of the scramble calls are obvious and can be rolled without conferring (e.g., a 95%+ battle on full scramble where there is no conceivable benefit).

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    Yes you could choose a chart in AA50 and G40, but it was one of 6. I like the idea of groups of 3. I agree with you guys that 6 is too broad, but I also think picking the tech you’re going for (group of 1) is too narrow. I just really like that group of related 3 idea.

    I apologize I haven’t even tried to read every post that’s here about tech, but just wanted to suggest the tech token idea from AA50. Nobody played with tech in G40 for good reasons, I think. First of all, they were kind of lazy in just keeping it with 2 charts of 6, and getting rid of the tech tokens made it too risky at 5 IPC’s anyway, but I think the biggest reason is because with so many more options in G40 than AA50, it was too much (for serious players anyway) to be worried about whether your opponent would suddenly get paratroopers or long range aircraft or something. I’ll just stop here, just wanted to toss those ideas in the soup.

  • Just noticed that the japanese home land NO is faulty. US has taken Iwo Jima, but Japan still gets the NO of 3 IPC.

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    @trulpen Indeed, thanks. Working on some other changes too.

  • It seems to me that concerning all the changes in PTV comparing to BM, the figs should cost 11, not 10. tacs 10 is ok.

    and the ACs, they should be more expensive too.

    figs and ACs are still massively bought above average.

    cruisers under average.
    maybe they should cost 10.


  • Could you explain how to paint a good relief tiles?

  • Hey all! We are pleased to announce Version 5.0 of WW2: Path to Victory is now available for download on TripleA. Based on playtesting and community feedback, we made the following changes to the map:

    (1) Sea Zone 38 (by Malaya) is now two Sea Zones (38 and 132), as shown below;


    (2) The Vital Forward Bases National Objective in the Pacific now requires control of Gilbert Islands and is reciprocal. That is, Japan can also earn plus +5 PUs by controlling Caroline Islands, Paulau, Marshall Islands, Marianas, and Gilbert Islands.

    Thanks again for all of your continued support and feedback. I look forward to seeing you around the gaming table.

  • @Navalland said in WW2 Path to Victory - Feedback Thread:

    Could you explain how to paint a good relief tiles?

    Hey Navalland. The relief tiles, in my opinion, should include attractive texturing for the land territories and sea zones. In Path to Victory, I used a layered “cloud” pattern for the sea zones, which is one of the textures include in Photoshop. For the land territories, I found an old map, made it semi-transparent, and tiled it.

  • Is it possible to paint relief tiles on using Paint and GIMP only?

  • @Navalland. You need an editing software that allows you to do PNG files with transparency. I’m not sure if Paint or GIMP include that feature.

  • The NO

    if Normandy and Holland Belgium are both Axis controlled at the beginning of Germany’s turn and each garrisoned with at least one land unit at the end of Germany’s turn

    doesn’t seem to be active when Italy steps in. Have a situation now where Italy controls Normandie at the beginning of Gs turn and retook Holland as well, so both territories are garrisoned at the end of Gs turn by italian units.

    Doesn’t specifically say they need to be garrisoned with german units, so presume it’s faulty.

  • @trulpen hey Trulpen. They have to be garrisoned by German units to satisfy the “Atlantic Wall” conditions. I’ll update the game notes and objectives panel to reflect this.

  • -Is the game still balanced without national objectives?

    -Wouldn’t it be more correct setting up Ireland and Iran as true neutral?

  • @Navalland

    You could calculate the NO’s impact on balance by determining what percentage of each sides production in a typical game consists of NO income. That would actually be an interesting inquiry, but it’s not particularly relevant for our purposes. The main reason we retained National Objectives in PTV is for their positive effect on gameplay (they induce players to contest areas that would otherwise see little action, and provide interim goals on the way to victory), and to enhance historical accuracy.

    As for the political standing of Ireland and Persia:

    Historically Persia was invaded early on by the Soviets and British, and the entire country was commandeered and used as a base of operations by the Allies. Setting Persia to “Strict Neutral” would ensure that this historical outcome almost never happened in the game.

    Ireland was technically neutral, but as cursory glance at the internet reveals, it leaned heavily towards the Allies in practice. . . they supplied men, they gave Allies preferential POW treatment etc. I have no doubt that if the UK were deadset on enlisting Ireland as a base of operations in the war effort, it could have done so. “Pro-Allied Neutral” correctly captures Irelands true standing in the war, in my opinion.

  • When UK controls Yenisey, it is converted to UK-EU and not UK-Pac. Timguska and Evenkiyskiy, which are the border, are correct though.

  • @trulpen thanks for bringing this to my attention.

    Version 5.1 is now available for download (you’ll have to delete and reinstall the map if you want to see these corrections). The only changes are:

    1. Clarified wording on “Atlantic Wall” national objective to specify “German” land units.

    2. Corrected alignment of Yenisey to “UK_Pacific” when captured by British.

  • @regularkid Did you check the russian territories to the east as well?

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