• G40 France Strikes Back

    This is a rule for our G40 mode that we are testing, in order to make France a little more relevant in the game, but we think any one can use it .

    The Rule:

    1- Once Paris is taken by the axis, the treasure of France passes to the enemy, as in OOB rules.
    2- Automatically, the de facto capital of France is London, France will be able to add new IPC at the end of its turn, as any nation does.
    Note: There is no Vichy vs Free France dynamic. France is a single entity, and it maintains the mechanics of the game simple, and without requiring the purchase or painting of new pieces.
    3- France can buy and place infantry in any original territory on the map.
    4- France can buy equipment in London, and place it right there, land, sea, air; but, cannot place new infantry in London. France can buy technology dice, ports and airports, for its original territories
    5-France cannot produce units in industrial complexes that captures from the enemy, in this case the complexes will take full damage. France cannot buy industrial complexes.
    Note: in the territory of France, the same applies, unless France or the allies take parís.
    6- If parís is free, it merges into the capital of France again, France will return to the rules of OOB.
    7- If Paris is retaken, a second time, the money passes to the conqueror (subsequent reconquests will have the same dynamics). And the capital of France will pass London again, unless it is taken by the enemy.
    8-If London is taken by the enemy, and is the de facto capital of France, the IPCs of the two are delivered to the conqueror.

    Balance: we have found that in some occasions Italy will have more pressure in North Africa. To counter this, we believe that this rule for Italy should be used to.

    Italy Lean-lease: During WW2, Germany sold or licensed equipment to its allies, especially Italy.
    1- During its non-combat face, Germany can send to the north of Italy any air unit or ground machines (except infantry) for sale. A maximum of 2 per round.
    2- Italy in its face of purchases can buy at half price, the German units on loan. The money is delivered to Germany.
    Units are immediately replaced by Italian equivalents for immediate use.

    Restrictions: Infantry and ships cannot be sold. Berlin must be in the hands of the axis, northern Italy must be in control of Italy.
    Note: If Rome falls, this rule still works, if italy had warbonus tec. In this case, dice need to by the number to pay.

    See the current tested rules of our mod, here:

    Our videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRZntU00ooZQX6KTb3gbKgg

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