Does anyone have a strategy to defeat Germany as fast possible? / 1941

  • @J-o-C thanks :blush:

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    I mostly play this map. (btw i need to move forward to check the rest maps otherwise we cannot lvl up our skill). I believe if Germany don’t do a BIG mistake… its impossible Russia to take Germany. This is not the way the Allies will win the war. Russia should focus to delay Germany of taking Moscow. UK and USA should help them by landing some fighters on Russia territories and also try to push in Europe as soon as possible.
    However there are indeed some strategies Russia can do and early attack Germany but you need to be lucky when you roll the dice… otherwise you will lost the game too early. Send me a PM if you want to
    meet up and play at some point. I have TTS, steam 1942 version and trippleA but my favourite platform is TrippleA!!

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    @Iisded The set up gives the Axis an advantage, as it does in all of the WW2 A&A variants I have played. Some players will give the Allies an additional unit - for example a second GB destroyer off Canada - in order to even the game up.

    Even so, the Allies start with fewer units on the board but more income. So typically an Allied victory is about a strategic long game, using the extra income to catch up with the Axis in terms of units on the board, while holding off Axis attempts to grow their income. This contest is best personified in Russia, as early in the game G can deploy a significant unit advantage against R, while loss of Moscow probably means the Allies have lost their income advantage.

    A quicker Allied victory would require that the Axis make a serious mistake I think.

    @fatoumas suggests Allied fighters in Moscow and indeed these can help. They tend to sit there doing very little however, as they are unlikely to be able to operate in conjunction with land units of their own power. Better, if possible, is to present an ever growing threat to G’s coast line and J’s position in the Pacific, so as to draw Axis units away from the Russian front. In fact, if the Allies have got themselves well set up in these areas by the time Moscow falls, then they still have a chance of victory. But, of course, in the meantime Moscow’s survival is critical and fighters may well need to be sent in line with @fatoumas suggestion.

    I hope these ramblings help.

  • @fatoumas i do have tripple A and thanks!

  • @Private-Panic i’ve seen your post before! Im pretty new to 1941, any strategy for allies? This map seems so unbalanced as Germany (with the japs help) can just blitz all of the Russian territory and get the +4 Ipcs and start pummeling the UK, while the Japs kill off india and australia then turn their attention to the Russians. Eventually I always lose as allies. Any strat?

    @Iisded im sorry i am just coming here to get strat, i think my strategy is very bad so i will not reply

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    @Admiral_Nimitz A strategy for the allies? Hmmm! 🤔

    US keeps J busy in the Pacific while helping the UK to get a fleet off W Europe with pesky landings to rob the Russian front of G and J units. In this A&A variant it is relatively easy for G & J to combine in Caucasus, which can mean the end of Moscow.

    Not very helpful is it!

    Typically in turn 1 I might buy 2 inf for UK (1 for GB and the other for India) and 2 destroyers for US, probably one for each coast. The rest of the UK income being saved for a fleet deployment in turn 2. But all this depends on what the Axis do - where G planes are being a key example.

    R just buys inf. I have very recently posted my ramblings on R strategy.

    Early in the game the Axis are attacking and the Allies responding due to the difference in unit value on the board and the difficulty getting UK and US going. So Allied moves can vary considerably. But one constant is that UK should build a unit in India every turn.

  • @Private-Panic yeah i normally build a infantry in the beginning rounds and later a tank on India in the later.

  • @Private-Panic thanks a lot! Just to show you that your reply is appreciated, can you take a look my strategy for this game (I am still in the middle of it, will finish it today probably) and tell me where i can improve? I have a few questions too.

    Alright, so basically i went all out on Germany. All 15 Russian infantry went into West Russia, and all survived. I also did the Manchuria attack with the fighter landing in Northwest China. Then Germany went for the UK Navy, ignoring the Russians in W. Russia, and totally smashed my fleet. :sob: They also strengthened E. Europe and Ukraine. As the UK I was focusing minimally on Japan, trying to get a bridgehead on Europe. I just spread some infantry across Indonesia and Borneo, and pumped one infantry into India. Well the Japs took back Manchuria, ignored the USA in China, and swept the Philippines and Borneo, while destroying the UK Navy again. As the US I did put a destroyer on each coast, and got my transports in range of Norway/UK. So basically quite a few rounds later, I ended up with this situation: The British were entirely knocked out of Asia and Africa except for a garrison in Australia, but with 4 Infantry in W. Europe. The USSR was doing all it could to prevent Jap forces reaching Germany. The Japanese were making failed attempts to take Moscow and flying fighters (they move so fast) to Germany. The US was pumping fighters onto British carriers off W. Europe and had 2 t/ports worth of troops in W. Europe to back the British up. Germany is on her knees, just 1 infantry in E. Europe to block the Russian advance, and just 2 fighters, a tank and 3 infantry in Germany itself. They also had an infantry in South Europe to prevent Japanese fighters from India being smashed on landing.

    So that is the situation. I really cannot contend with the Japanese IPCs, 23 a turn! The US is getting 20 a turn so that helps prop Britain up as Britain and the USSR are at 9 and 7 respectively. Germany only has 6. I am in a dilemma now; should I go for Berlin on the next turn or stack troops in W. Europe and let the Japanese land in South Europe?

    I am really at a loss after really bad luck attacking Berlin with the Russians. What should be my next move?

    Adm. Nimitz

  • @Admiral_Nimitz I would say a couple of things:

    1. I am all in favour of going for Germany before Japan, but perhaps the USA should have been doing more in the Pacific?

    2. Certainly go for Berlin. Perhaps I have missed something, but surely Japan cannot win from that position?

  • @Private-Panic Well Lord Panic I went for Berlin but my dice rolls just were very unlucky, to say the least. I surrendered…

    I am trying bids in this next game to see if it balances '41 out a bit. Do you play with bids, and if so, what are yours?

  • @Admiral_Nimitz I add a GB destroyer off Canada so equivalent to a bid of 8

  • @Private-Panic thanks! Will try it in my next game :smile:

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