• If I am reading correctly, India has no home country therefore they cannot upgrade the minor factory they start with or in fact even build another one. Am I missing something?

  • @Larrie said in India in Global War 1936 v3:

    If I am reading correctly, India has no home country therefore they cannot upgrade the minor factory they start with or in fact even build another one. Am I missing something?

  • @Larrie
    That is correct, you cannot build Factory upgrades or shipyards etc.

    However you can build minor ICs and any other facilities that dont require home territory.

  • @Dran-Black I thought in order to build even a minor you had to show a supply path back to a major factory in home country so wouldn’t that prevent India from building add. minors

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    @Larrie True, you would need a supply path to do that. But that already exists. Remember, a supply path can move across water. You simply need to be sure you can trace a path from London/UK Major Factory, through any sea zones you can, and then to any naval base/dockyard and then even through any rail in India as well (if I understand that correctly). So you could still have the ability to build minors in India anywhere really.

    That said, I need to be sure I understand V3 rules with the new bases correctly. A minor port/shipyard/dock could not work as a valid supply path to build a minor factory. Their supply path rules restrict them to only 3 IPP’s worth of supply. A minor factory costs 8 IPP’s. So you’d need to be sure you could trace a supply path to any major port or major dockyard in India (India cannot build Major shipyards I believe), since they have an unlimited ability for IPP supply path. I believe FEC starts out with a few Major ports/dockyards. It’s a little hard for me to tell from the sample map on their website what’s what, but it looks to me that it’s either a Major dockyard/port in Calcutta and Maharashitra (sp?). There’s one in Burma too, but the railroad doesn’t connect to Bengal. So anything that arrived in Burma would have to stay in Burma, unless a railroad was built to connect to India.

    This of course gets trickier if supply paths are blocked by enemy ships, or if India’s ports/docks are blockaded. But generally speaking to start with, you should have no troubles here!

  • I understand that I can trace a supply path back to London, but the setup sheet says India has no home country therefore London doesn’t matter because it is not home country for India. Or at least that is what the group I am playing with is telling me. I tried to make the point that India is just basically an extension of the UK and I was told to read the rules for what they say not what I want them to say.

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    @Larrie Ahhhh I see. Well, that might need clarification from someone who’s better in the know than I then. V2 is very clear that the FEC’s can build minor factories (page 71 of the rulebook), so I feel it’s implied somewhere that London would be considered their Home Country. I do not see that explicitly written, however, though I could be missing it. But you’re right that here it’s stating that it does not have a Home Country.

    This is just my opinion, but I’d be surprised if they couldn’t build those. The wording between V2 and V3 rules doesn’t look too drastic to make me think they changed it a ton. Point being, the fact that V2 still says they can build minors, makes me wonder if you can in V3.

    If I’m completely wrong on that assumption above though, what you could do is have minor factories sent via Lend-Lease from the USA. The UK cannot send Lend-Lease to FEC or ANZAC, so that’s out of the question. But the USA still can. You could have that be the Lend-Lease option from the USA if you wanted. I think somewhere in the rules they even mention that the receiving nation (FEC in this case) could compensate the USA for some or all of the cost, if the USA player felt the cost too steep. I think the example used was for a battleship for the ANZAC, but the concept is still the same.

    I’d love to hear the clarification on this point though. As I read the rules, it would seem to say that FEC cannot build any minor factories. If the rule is that they have to trace a supply path from the Home Country, but FEC doesn’t have a home country of any kind, it might seem impossible? But again, if I’m putting any stock into V2 carryovers in V3, V2 clearly says FEC can build minors.

    If nothing else hopefully the USA Lend-Lease workaround helps you out! 🙂

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    The rules weren’t as clear as they should have been. The FEC doesn’t have a Home Country OF IT’S OWN. That hasn’t changed since V-2. It was probably written the way it was because ANZAC now has their own Home Country. What it means is the same as in V-2, That the FEC Home Country is Great Britain. They can absolutely purchase Minor Factories and place them as per the rules. They can’t upgrade them to Medium or Major Factories though because they aren’t in Great Britain.

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    @GeneralHandGrenade Thanks GHG, as always, for the clarification! I figured that was probably the case, but didn’t feel I had the ability to say definitively!

  • Was wondering if the no home country stipulation for FEC applies to the militia movement as well. I know for KMT and CCP it specifically states militia can move 1 within China only after they evolve to a major power. But it doesn’t mention anything of the sort on the FEC reference sheet, only the same 1 movement within home country. so can militia move 1 within Far East borders or are they stuck in the tt they begin in since they don’t have home country?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @JbuckBuddy
    The militia don’t move

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