• Invade what? Switzerland?? 😮

  • Quintessential German Strategy for Classic:

    Build INF
    Preserve your ARM and AF
    Hang on!

    Quintessential Japan Strategy for Classic:

    Asia, Asia, Asia
    Hope like hell that Germany is able to launch attacks on Russia as your forces close in on Moscow…

  • @DethSkwad:

    I frequently vacate India as it isn’t defensible.  I will maintain a counter attack option with 1 guy or so but beyond that its a waste.  Japan will get India sooner or later and putting money into it is stupid.

    What about an Africa which goes grey and just as it is being liberated the Japanese make it yellow?  I’ve found this is really the best the Axis can do there, and it really frustrates the Allies to lose Africa right after liberating it.

    In response to another thread about German strat I really don’t think the Germans can be played “intuitively” because very often they must protect themselves and even their units from loss.  It’s not so much that the tradeoff isn’t beneficial but rather that the Germans start with units if various players whereas as the game develops they will be unable to sustain this so they must take advantage of it while they can.  For this reason the Germans should fear a Uk counter of Egypt and should either not attack if they can’t hold, or attack it with so much that they can.

    If you vacate India, that means that syou have given Japan, both chinese territories and india, a 14 IPC swing for free with the minimum investment of forces, meaning they can use the maximum on Russia.

    I lose a GErman arm anyday to run Africa.

  • Oh and the forces they uses to take take these territories move right onto Russia.  It’s not like it much of a diversion to get from India to Russia with an Arm.  It’s not like a FIG can’t attack India one turn and Rusia the next.  So like they might seed a couple INF for a turn.  The IPC swing more than makes up for that and more importantly its makes up for that with ARM.

  • Well I think the likelyhood of Japan taking both China and Sinkiang is very low in fact.  If you think about it Japan starts with only 7inf on the ground and 3ftrs bmb for offense.  China with 2inf ftr is more dangerous than one would expect and because of this it is my feeling that you must send at least 3inf ftr bmb just to guarantee a good shot at clearing it.  Additionally, Sink can only be attacked with 2inf + some air and is a lesser priority so in fact it is safe to assume that one of these will go badly.  Further Japan spreading out its offensive ability on turn 1 is a high risk high reward move as you could also lose all these battles which will really slow down Japan.  Losing say 6inf just to kill an irrelevent 2inf ftr or an extra 2inf is not a good idea.  Further, if the Brits pull just 1 Indian guy or 1 Syrian back to Persia they will have an opportunity to attack the infantry put in India by Japan.  If the Brits can nibble at these forces while spread out, and the Japanese hurt themselves by spreading out then it is far easier to slow Japan down than if you play defense where Japan will maintain its relative strength by virtue of not attacking.

    Secondly, what gain is there to moving 2inf from India to Sink anyway?  If the Japanese want to risk it they can still attack it, and if they do you risk losing more of what little strength in Asia you do have.  Additionally, Japan can still take India, and Britain is still left attacking with 1inf + air to clear it so what’s the difference?

    Finally, your primary reason against abandoning India is that the IPC swing is too great but in fact even with a defense of India or Sink Japan can still attack one or the other, and for that reason the IPC swing is almost as great so in fact the vacating of India actually costs the Brits very little.  Whether the British are in India or not the Japanese should be able to take China and India or Sink which is a 10ipcs swing.  The difference is but only 1guy which is more than worth it for the British.

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