Does the U.S. get 30 ipc bonus in global?

  • I have a rules question. In the Pacific version the rules say that if Japan makes an unprovoked declaration of war, the U.S. gets a one time bonus payment of 30 ipcs. However, nothing is mentioned about it in the global rules. Do they still get it then or not? I thought they wouldn’t, but I don’t know for sure.
    Also, what exactly is considered an unprovoked declaration of war?

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    In Pacific 1940 yes. In Global 1940 no.

    Unprovoked declaration of war means Japan declares war on the US, UK or ANZAC before they declare war on Japan. Japan starts at war with China, may declare war on Russia and France without it being an unprovoked declaration of war.

    Pacific 1940 2nd Edition Rules - Page 37:
    Political Situation: At the beginning of the game, Japan is at war only with China. Japan considers movement of units into
    China by any other Allied power as an act of war against it. When not yet at war with the United States, in addition to the
    normal restrictions (see “Powers Not at War with One Another,” page 15), Japan may not end the movement of its sea units within 2 sea zones of the United States’ mainland territories (Western United States and Alaska). Japan may declare war on the United Kingdom, ANZAC, the United States, France, or the Soviet Union at the beginning of the Combat Move phase of any of its turns. A declaration of war by Japan against either the United Kingdom or ANZAC will immediately result in a state of war between Japan and both of those powers. A state of war between Japan and France or between Japan and the Soviet Union will not affect relations between Japan and the United States, and vice versa. Japan may attack Dutch territories only if a state of war exists between it and the United Kingdom and ANZAC.

  • @AndrewAAGamer Thanks for the help.

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