• Thought this was something cool to post. I have changed out my zombies with Age of Mythology Norse pieces starting the Battle of Ragnarok due to the top secret chime on page 2 of the rule book. Not sure if anyone else thought of this.

    Same rules just that zombies are now viking pieces. Calling my game now Axis and Allies: Ragnarok.

    BTW, I am thankful for this site and have found all of my questions answered on different subjects/games.

    Yeah, I’ve been a lurker for years and I believe this is my first post. Have a great weekend guys/gals.

  • Do you use any different rules, or just the normal zombie rules with the Norse pieces?


  • @Midnight_Reaper Thank you for the reply.

    First 2 games were with the Norse pieces but me and the friends are looking into making a few zombie rule changes with the Norse pieces.

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