• I play classic, 2nd, and revised editions. I understand that this game incorporates an extra player but is it worth it? Should I stick with how I’m playing or shell out the almost $100 for this game?

    I really enjoy playing with the national advantages in revised, does this game have any? Thank you guys!

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    Hi Panzer.
    My opinion is yes. Yes you should. 🙂

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    AA50 is a great game. Very close to even for either side and the first rule set with defenseless transports that was later used in the Global 1940 rule set. It is a really good middle game from the perspective it has more areas and more units than Revised and less areas and less units than Global 1940. It also has the National Objectives you asked for plus two scenarios; 1941 and 1942. Though from my experience most people play the 1941 version.

    Before they reprinted it that game was easily going for 200-300 on Ebay.

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    @Panzerboy0191 That “National Advantages” (i.e. special units/rules for each faction) are not in Revised, but having Italy + China as playable countries and having two scenarios (1941 and 1942) more than make up for that in terms of casual enjoyment.

    The game’s not as balanced as Revised, but it’s not extremely unbalanced either. You should definitely pick it up. Easily in the top 3 A&A games alongside Revised and G40.

  • @Panzerboy0191 said in Should I buy this version?:

    I really enjoy playing with the national advantages in revised, does this game have any? Thank you guys!

    There are no OOB National Advantages like in Revised, but our Chicago Rules {for AA50-41} has some that you might want to incorporate. Send me a PM with your email if you’d like a copy.

    BTW, I love the map changes in AA50 over classic, 2nd and Revised. We loved revised with the community developed house rules set AARe (Enhanced). No OOB AA game, in my humble, somewhat limited experience, has ever been balanced. In other words, with a little tweaking, the games can be balanced, and have other possible strategies other than the usual Race for Berlin/Moscow.

    Good gaming!

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