SBD-1 Dauntless Marine Version

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    Hello, This is Greg with I’ve finished my Dauntless paint schemes and would like to share theme with you. The showcase piece is the Marine version of the Dauntless. I just love the distinctive color scheme of the period with the yellow upper wings and the colorful use of red striping. All faithfully recreated here on a base of Humbrol Polished Aluminum Metal Cote paint that gives these pieces a unique sheen. I think you’ll appreciate them as much as I do.

    SBD-1 Angled 1200x900.jpg SBD-1 Angled Twin 1200x900.jpg SBD-1 Back 1200x900.jpg

    These planes look striking when loaded onto carriers like my 3D print CV-6 Enterprise shown here.


    See the Dauntless and more at

  • Awesome work! They look amazing.

  • Don’t think that’s Marine specific, rather standard naval aircraft scheme from 1925 untill late 1940.
    Nicely done. Could probably sell the canopy decals as a set on their own.

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    @Mr-Kell I couldn’t confirm that only the Marines used this color scheme. It just seemed like all the pictures I looked at were from Marine squadrons so I attributed this specific scheme to the Marines. Perhaps because of their better media exposure they have more pictures than the Navy squadrons? Anyway, I do like the final output, and the canopy turned out really nice. I just don’t have the hand-eye coordination that some do to paint these so I have to rely on other methods. And I am creating a DIY decal set for the Dauntless game piece and is due out soon.

  • Nice those look very good!

  • @grdhou Hope I didn’t come off as being negative, just info for correct marketing.
    Nice even dive brake holes. If I could make stuff like that I’d never frame canopies by hand again.
    Haven’t framed my Stukas or Il-2syet.
    Wink wink, nudge nudge. HaHa

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    How did you get the red stripes on, so perfectly, on the fighter?

    Is it a decal made for it, or did you have to cut the stripes down to size?

    Great job on these planes.

    John Brown

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    @Mr-Kell I’m working on Ju-87’s now. Will be available shortly. Still fussing with the canopy to get it looking as good as the Dauntless. I will post pictures here when I’m finished.

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    @John-Brown All the colors except for the nose cone, is a decal. Both the cowling and fuselage stripes are decals. I could not paint such a straight line myself so I resort to decals. The end result, in my opinion, is excellent.

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    Here is the rest of my Dauntless line up. The pre-war version is here as we’ve been discussing. I also have an early-war and mid-war variants painted with an Intermediate Blue upper color for historical accuracy and a lighter underside color. The late-war version might seem boring in comparison, but the dark sea blue color really makes them “pop” when loaded on an aircraft carrier.

    Dautless Family Angled 1200x900.jpg

    Dauntless Family Side View 1200x900.jpg

    Dauntless Family Back 1200x900.jpg

    I always include insignia on both sides of the fuselage and on upper and lower wing surfaces. After seeing planes from other custom painters, I found that not everyone does this. It does take longer to produce but I think the end result is worth it.

    Here is my 3D print CV-9 Essex loaded with an F4U and a late war Dauntless.

    CV-9 + Late War (F4U + Dauntless) 1200x900.jpg

    Here is my HBG version of the Essex class carrier CV-11 Intrepid loaded with a late war F4F Wildcat and Dauntless.

    I think these planes look great and I hope you do too.

  • Once again, well done sir. I really like the dark blue ones.

  • '20 '19 '18 Customizer

    Well done!

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