V2 vs. V3 Changes Liked/Disliked

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    Hey all!

    So, this might be a question for those who have played some games with the V3 rules a few times, and/or those who helped play test or help refine (like GHG).

    I’m just wondering what changes between the two versions of the game people are bummed about that were taken out of V2, or just altered a lot. I don’t have any experience with V3 yet, other than reading the beta rules on their website once or twice. Would love to get others’ takes on what they might miss or not agree with. Just thinking ahead to the potential of house ruling a bit to revert to V2 if anyone wanted.

    A couple potential talking points (and sorry, it’s been a minute since I read through the V3 beta rules, so I might be misremembering):

    • Variations in unit costs by nation? I think I read that all units of the same type will now cost the same for every nation, right? Does everyone like this rule? My gut reaction is I kind of liked having a little variable there, as it gave different nations different advantages. But on the flip side, I understand from a level playing field perspective how making all the same makes sense. Not to mention it probably simplifies the rules a bit. Any opinions?

    • Special units. I might be misremembering here, but I thought there were no longer special units, like Volkstrum, Black Shirts, etc. for some nations. How do people feel about that? Do they miss that variation a bit, or is it pointless?

    • Naval options. I’ve mentioned this before, and have heard how others feel. But again, just curious on thoughts. Do people like all the different naval base and naval unit options now in V3? Or has anyone found it might bog the game down a bit at times? Just curious.

    • Any missed opportunities for improvement that you think would have been beneficial?



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