• Hi guys!

    I’m about to start my fourth game of the confinement and I’ll be playing as the axis powers for this game. Since the second game, my step dad, my two step brothers and I have become aware of this website as well as strategy videos available on Youtube and our gameplay has improved a lot. Last game was a crushing victory for the axis powers (due to G1 barbarossa and J1 DOW, paired with bad dice and questionable plays from the Americans), but I was on the wrong side of that outcome.

    Now is my chance to win as the axis as we are not yet playing with any bids or houserules in order to balance forces out (it’s only our second game where the axis will be played, hopefully, to their full potential), but I want to mix things up a bit from last game.

    My intention is to go with the Cobra Kai strategy from Siredblood for the Germans and the Italians (G1 DOW on Russia but focus south for IPC, build up of forces in West Germany for potential Sealion if everythings goes according to plan, Italy taking Yugoslavia, Southern France and Normandy), but I’m debating on the strategy I should employ for Japan.

    My options are, as I see it, the following:

    • J1 DOW on the pacific allies with a Pearl Harbor attack (Potential win on both sides of the board)
      UK - 7 (Borneo and Hong Kong)
      US attention in the Pacific
      Great blow on U.S. with Philippines taken along with a destroyer, a fighter, Hawaiian fleet and maybe 2 additional fighters if he decides to scramble
      U.S. at wars (which is not that bad considering he is more weak)

    • J1 attack on Russia’s eastern front and China (betting on europe win for the Axis)
      Weaken the Russians even more
      Does not bring the U.S. into war
      Anzac and UK Pacific have some free time taking the money islands, which will make me have to invest more on taking them back and more difficult to potentially take Calcutta

    • Calcutta crush (Potential win for both sides?)
      I’m pretty sure none of the guys that I’m playing against are aware of this strategy so I have the element of surprise
      U.S. not at war (which Siredblood insisted is quite important using the Cobra Kai strategy)
      Money Island will be occupied when I’ll try to take them
      I don’t think they will feel the pressure of this strategy and the U.S. player will go mostly atlantic in his buy which could hurt Cobra Kai.

    Any insight from what I’m probably missing or advices from more experienced players are welcome. Thanks guys!

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    Sounds as if you are having fun :)

    I’m not real good but would advise against G1

    J1 np you go :)

    It is tricky though : )

  • @barnee

    Yes, we are indeed having a lot of fun! Usually we only play once or twice a year but since the pandemic we have been lucky enough to be all together before the confinement which allowed to play a couple of games in a short period.

    We discovered the G1 on our 2nd game, but the player wasn’t utilizing his troop very efficiently and still ended up conquering Moscow (he still lost the game since he captured it on turn 12 or something like that).

    Last game the same person went all in on Russia as the german on turn 1, utilized his troop more efficiently and managed to get it by turn 6. As a group, we have yet to find a way to counter the G1 DOW on Russia…

    I found the Cobra Kai strategy which I find very appealing as it is build around a G1 DOW with the door still open for a Sealion. I think it will be particularly suitable as my step dad and step brother will probably expect an all in on Russia and leave the UK underdefended.

  • @LebaneseWarlord
    turn 12 I like it :)

    yea allies got a tough row to hoe oob. They might need a boost :)

    Rock On

    Peace Out

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