• I finally bought a box of Contested Skies today and after I got over the disappointment of not getting an aircraft I realized that my SU-85 tank destroyer actually says SU 26 on the bottom. Has anyone else seen this? I’m not familiar with Russian armor so I don’t know if there ever was such a vehicle. When I get a chance I can post a picture.

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    if you want aircraft, shake the box. If it goes tink-tink-tink, then it has a plane. It’s a very distinctive sound.

  • There are no unit names on the tanks/vehicles in set III. It’s not the unit name. The SU is Soviet Union, and the 26 is it’s point value. The names of the tanks weren’t molded onto the bottom like in previous sets. The infantry ont he other hand still have the names on the bases.

  • That pissed me off about set III actually. I hope set IV has the names on the bottom again.


  • Most of the units are fairly distinctive for now (although my Luftwaffe Infantry have managed to sneak into the SS-PG box a few times); but in time there will be just too many units.

    I’m not so sure I’d get my hopes up for Set IV.

  • But if I didn’t get my hopes up how could WotC dash my dreams upon the jagged rocks of reality? And that’s what they do; I mean look  at what they did to D&D…



  • You mean like with heroes?  😉

  • ARGH! You said the “H” word!  [Vader Impersonation] NoooOOOooooOOOOoooooOOOOooo!!!


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    Heroes is an interesting idea implemented poorly. It’s a skirmish level game. We don’t need heroes to spawn in the middle of the game. I think the begining would be just fine.

    Setup, Setup, Place Heroes, Place Heroes
    Game On

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