• Hi, just wanted to know if the snipers superiour camo rule says it cant be attacked at medium or long range but another things rule says it ignores cover wat happens?
    thx 4 any response  :-)

  • You cannot target the sniper, but if there is another unit in the hex with the sniper and the person is going to shoot the other unit with a Sig33 or a Brumbar the sniper gets hit as well.  No cover!

  • The Sniper SA isn’t negated by anything that ignores cover, because ignoring cover isn’t the same thing as negating cover. The cover is still there, so the sniper SA is still in effect. But yea Rex is correct: sticking another figure in the hex with a sniper is a recipe for doom, since Blast targeting the other figure will hit the sniper as well.


  • ok thx 4 all the help

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