What Army do you play? How many points do you have total?

  • Hey everyone I am new here and was wondering what everyone else plays as an army and how many points you have accumulated? :-D

    I play the UK and have roughly 1200+ pts of them.  When I was collecting the UK forces I got a little crazy with E-Bay and bought everything I thought was a deal.  I guess thats why I got 10 engineers and 10 17-pounders huh.

  • When I first got into the game I promised myself and my GF that I wouldn’t spend alot of cash on the game, so I haven’t bought more than 3 or 4 boosters for set 1, maybe 3 for set 2, and only 2 boosters for set 3, along with two starter packs (I wanted more terrain maps and counters, and basic rank and file). I did alot of trading too.

    So my main two armies are the Germans and the Americans, with the British very close to them. I probably have a pool of 700 points for the first two and around 350 for the Brits.


  • I actually like playing them all; each nation has its own flavour.  I haven’t played a Romanian or Polish Army yet, but I have played everything else.

    AXIS - 5839 Points

    • 4178 Germany

    • 313 Italy

    • 1103 Japan

    • 245 Romania

    ALLIES - 6362 Points

    • 80 Australia

    • 1538 United Kingdom

    • 185 China

    • 251 France

    • 92 Poland

    • 1633 Russia

    • 2583 United States

  • I seem to be collecting units that I’ll probably never play with.  I now have the following.

    Russia      91
    USA      268
    French      18
    UK          165
    Ausi            5

    Romania    22
    Italy          23
    Japan      124
    Germany  445

    This jumps next week as I’ve ordered a case of set 4.

    I seem to be more of a fan of the European area of WWII and therefore have not used the Japanese at all.  The French and Italian pieces might as well get swept under the carpet.  The Russian partisans add an interesting twist though.

    So I generally play Germany verses Britain / USA though I’m looking forward to the Canadians.

  • I tend to prefer European battles over the Pacific, but it does make for a nice occasional break. I really enjoy early war scenarios as well.

  • I prefer European battles too, just because I’m more unbiased there.  I need to get on ebay and build up my Japanese armies.  I haven’t even 200 points for them total.  My biggest ones are US and Germany, with about 500-600 points for each.  I also want to build up my Soviets;  I have enough for smaller scale fights, but I want to use it for my custom made maps too.

  • I started last month, and I’m in the process of building North-Africa themed armies. A pity the Brits don’t have Matildas or early cruiser tanks.  :-(

    Still don’t have may points, since I seem to have a sort of magnet for Soviet units. I’m eagerly trying to convert new players, but it’s proving difficult. I’m also interested in the France campaign.

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    If you want to build specific armies, I suggest buying online or from eBay. Some of the units that you may want from the Base Set and Set II should really cheap.

  • I’m rather EBay-illiterate, but nonetheless I’ll have to try. Besides, I have a problem: I live in Spain, but there are very few local offers. International shipment (especially from the USA) can be quite expensive.

    I’ll have to post my lists on the trade section, too!!

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