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    Our argument is really simple:

    8a - Scrambling/intercept/submerge/kamikaze assumptions - When you make an assumption, you are accepting the risk that your opponent will disagree after seeing your turn. If your opponent takes issue with an assumption, you should come to an agreement about how to handle it. If you don’t agree, then the defender can require that the entire combat phase be re-rolled from the beginning. Or, you may seek a moderator ruling.

    It would have been very easy for Karl7 to ask for scramble orders. He chose not to because it gave him a negotiating advantage. Because not doing so gave him the chance to have it both ways. If he got sweet dice (which he did) and we asked for a reroll he could pitch a fit (which he did) and maybe get them to stick. If he got mediocre dice, he would get another swing at the fences.

    All we ask for is direct application of the rules. The defender has the right to scramble. If the attacker ignores this right, the defender has the right to ask for a re-roll of the combat phase. Karl knew this full-well when he chose to ignore our scramble option.

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