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    Is there any way to make it easier to close Triple A? And to manage multiple instances of Triple A?

    For instance, I’m learning how to play better by following other people’s games. My approach is to click on the saved file after a turn. So I can easily end up with 5-10+ open copies of Triple A.

    If I want to close most other software programs, I can “close window” from the Windows taskbar and it will close all of the windows that are open in the software. However if I try this with Triple A I get a long series of “do you really want to do this without saving” prompts.

    Possible ideas:
    -let me turn off the do you want to do this prompts
    -have a game open mode that is for people who are following the game - aka a read only mode. You could also turn off the AI which might save memory.

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    I don’t really have any suggestions about closing TripleA, but I’m wondering if you know about the game history feature within TripleA?

    Within TripleA go to Game -> Show History (or Ctrl+H and Ctrl+G to get back to current).

    Rather than opening a new instance of TripleA for each turn of a game you can just open up the most recent file and navigate back through the entire game history to whichever point you want using the side bar.

    If you want to have multiple games open, that’s another story, but I can’t think of a reason why you would need multiple instances open for a single game if you’re making use of the history feature.

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    For feature requests I recommend to get in contact with the developers here:

  • 2007 AAR League

    I probably should use the history function more.

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