• On the wartime bonus income condition “possession of Borneo,Java,Malay,Hawaiin island and the Philippines. Bonus per turn is says 2+ each. Do I have to have all those territories to get the bonus or can I get partial bonus for having the actual territory. For example if I have java,Borneo do I get +4 bonus income per turn?

  • @MAX1313
    Yes is the answer.

    You get 2 IPP for each territory regardless of how many you control. You dont need all of them.
    So if you only held the Philippines then you would only get +2 IPP. If you held Java, Borneo, and the Philippines, you would receive +6 IPPs.

    The same is the case for the +1 Territories in China and the +1 For Wake, Midway, and Solomons.

    If you hold a listed territory, and are at war with a major power (barring Eveolved China), then you will get the IPP bonus for that territory .

  • I have a question regarding wartime bonus income, and this particular situation is more likely to happen with Japan rather than other countries. If Japan is only at war with France, it does collect wartime bonus income as France is considered a Major Power, but what happen if France surrenders, becoming a minor power? Does Japan continue to collect the bonus incomes or not?

    In other words, does the once in " Once at war with a major power" have to be understand as “from the time you were at war at least 1 turn with a Major Power” or " as long as you are at war with a Major Power"

    Thank you for your answers.

  • @panzerbaguette Let’s look at this situation from the perspective of Japan. In order for France to declare war on Japan, in most games, it would require Germany to have declared war on a minor the turn before planning to take France out. For example, imagine Germany attacking Belgium in January, 1939 with a plan to take the double impulse against Warsaw and Paris in July, 1939. Germany is gambling that France and Great Britain won’t hit their Wartime Income with 2 D12’s each. France only needs to go up 9 (12 - 3 from the annexation of Austria, Bohemia, and Slovakia). The average of 2 D12’s is 13. Britain needs only to go up 11 (14 - 3 from the annexation of Austria, Bohemia, and Slovakia). In my hypothetical, Germany attacks Belgium in January, 1939; France rolls enough to get to Wartime Income and declares war on Japan?!? America’s Peacetime Income drops by 8 for this action! This will delay USA’s entry and really hurt the USA’s overall income through the course of the game. It’s not a one time penalty of -8. It’s turn after turn of having 8 less. This is absolutely fantastic for Japan and the USA and Commonwealth should try very hard to talk a French player out of making this mistake.

    So you are probably talking about Japan declaring war on France early in the game, before France and Great Britain are aligned. This would increase the USA’s peacetime income by 5 D12’s. The average of 5 D12’s is 32.5! Remember how disastrous it would be to the Allies to subtract 8 from USA’s peacetime income? Imagine how game changing it would be to instead add 32.5 to USA’s peacetime income! You would be bringing USA into the war against you five turns early and you are doing that for the opportunity to do something against France?!? The Germans and Italians should strive mightily to convince Japan that would be foolishness.

  • @panzerbaguette I would say you lose it. Mainly b/c you are at war with no major powers anymore. That said, it is a very rare occasion.

  • @hbg-gw-enthusiast I see your point and I’m not questionning if it’s a clever or dumb move to do. My question here is if Japan is at war only with France, will Japan continue to collect wartime bonus income even when France will capitulate or will it stop.

    On top of that, why France declaring on Japan, who’s not a neutral minor and who declared a war, will apply the -8 malus to USA?

  • @trig Yeah I think it’s very tricky as the “Once” can be interprated in both ways. If @GeneralHandGrenade could enlighten us, that would be perfect

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