• On the wartime bonus income condition “possession of Borneo,Java,Malay,Hawaiin island and the Philippines. Bonus per turn is says 2+ each. Do I have to have all those territories to get the bonus or can I get partial bonus for having the actual territory. For example if I have java,Borneo do I get +4 bonus income per turn?

  • @MAX1313
    Yes is the answer.

    You get 2 IPP for each territory regardless of how many you control. You dont need all of them.
    So if you only held the Philippines then you would only get +2 IPP. If you held Java, Borneo, and the Philippines, you would receive +6 IPPs.

    The same is the case for the +1 Territories in China and the +1 For Wake, Midway, and Solomons.

    If you hold a listed territory, and are at war with a major power (barring Eveolved China), then you will get the IPP bonus for that territory .

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