• Hey everyone, I have a question about airplanes movement. When using airplanes for combat, ALL AIRPLANES must have a valid landing area. Is that correct? A valid landing area includes aircraft carrier. So if a player were to send some planes in a naval battle, you cannot send more planes than your AC capacity (if no other landing area).

    EG : Player X attacks a fleet. He possess no island or friendly territory and only two aircraft carriers can move into the area for planes to land. Because of that, the maximum of airplanes (Fighter or Tac) is limited to 4. Is that correct?

    I found the following rules :

    • An air unit that moves in the Combat Move phase must generally reserve part of its move value for the Noncombat Move phase, at which point it must return to a safe landing spot using its remaining movement.

    • list itemAn air unit’s movement in any complete turn is limited to its total move value. Thus, a strategic bomber with a move value of 6 can’t move 6 spaces to get to a hostile space. It must save enough movement points to get to a friendly territory where it can land. A fighter or tactical bomber can move its full 4 spaces to attack in a sea zone instead of saving movement, but only if a carrier could be there for it to land on by the conclusion of the Mobilize New Units phase.

    So if my understanding is correct, you cannot send more planes than valid landing zone, and that includes aircraft carriers. This rule is only checked BEFORE the resolution of combat. So an Aircraft carrier could be sunk, but the combat move would still remain valid because it was valid at the time of the player declared its moves.

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    @Robert Your understanding is correct. During Combat Move Phase for the purpose of pointing out that your planes will have a valid landing space you are even allowed to assume that all your shots will be hits and all your opponents shots will be misses.

  • Thank you!

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