Triple A allowed weird attack (Global 1940)

  • Mostly play IRL on board, where this would never occur. Had something unusual come up on another game and wanted your opinion. Russian forces blitzed past italians not at war capturing germany territory. would never happen on a board game because everyone just assumes all sides at war, etc. Set up: G2 London falls, Russians take Slovakia and Romania. Italians move to block the south but do not declare war apparently in politics. G3 Russians blitz a tank through Yugoslavia and into Greater Southern Germany even though there is an Italian artillery piece at Yugo. Both territories go Russian. This is the sort of weird one-off I have not seen in a board game.

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    Indeed, your scenario is just another example for the fact that TripleA, especially in Global, enforces many of the rules but not all of them.

    The Russian tank (if I have understood your scenario correctly) of course should not be allowed to combat move into Germany controlled Yugoslavia because of the presence of an Italian unit there - while Russia is not at war with Italy (“Powers Not at War with One Another”-rules).

    So it is always the responsability of the players to act according to the rules. What is true for the boardgame is true for TripleA, too.

    The game notes provided with the Global map list a lot of the known limitations and how to deal with them.

    Also you might want to look at some related stickies in the TripleA-Support Category, where I moved your topic to.

  • @Panther thank you Panther. Was already thinking I need to redo move, and have also gotten similar advice from Simon. I very much appreciate this board and the folks here.

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