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    A&A’s revised rules to prevent using transports to take hits instead of combat ships, was a great improvement. But cheap ground troops are still being taken as hits instead of more expensive and powerful planes. In real life, air superiority comes first. Defending fighters intercept attacking bombers, TAC and their escorting fighters, before attacking infantry. Attacking planes try to establish air superiority before attacking ground troops. Changing this may be impractical, because of the imbalance in air forces between opponents. But as a suggestion, use the same protocol as BalMod does for Strategic Bombing Raids. Start land battles with an air battle of 1 or 2 turns, with fighters attacking and defending at 2; and bombers and TAC attacking and defending at 1. Then like SBR, AA fire comes next. Survivors would go on to join in the regular land battle. Perhaps attacking planes might have a limit on how many rounds of dice they could fire.

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    I have in my game kinda what your are saying.
    The Inf is the strongest piece in game. With d6 no room to weaken it.
    What we do is have Fig, Tac, Stg bomber attacking and defending in the air while ground or naval combat goes on for every round.
    Plus ships have aa too every round.
    This represents all scenarios of combat. Some planes Dog fighting some planes attacking some planes bombing some ships aa firing and Air Superiority.
    Remember all attacking and defending planes can retreat after 1 round of combat and any round after that.
    All planes get a normal hit but if the roll is a certain number can get a bonus plane kill too.
    It’s like a double hit. We d12 system.
    You can control the numbers more.
    Say a fig ad@5 and if roll is a 2 or less gets a plane kill too.
    Tac stg bombers are a 1.
    Plus ships get same thing
    Say a Cruiser ad@6 and if roll is a 2 or less gets a bonus plane kill too.
    So now you force the attack or defending player to pick a plane. If u lose a few planes and he has more now u have to retreat planes or sacrifice them to continue battle.
    Now for d6 you’d have to crunch numbers and see what’s feasible.
    Also you need to have Tac get a pic hit on first round for the torpedo or bomb drop.
    We have Tac/Dive ad@6 first round only. Pick target. Any round after that ad@4 and if roll is a 1 get a bonus DF plane kill too.
    For SBR that has its own rule
    Figs ad@3 Tac Stg ad@1 for one round. Then aa fires on bombers. Now u could have this go 2 rounds.
    This all has been tested now for a year in our group and it works great.

    Ya 99% of players will not play with air supority first before combat.
    Just some ideas if any body’s interested.

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    Interesting. Is your game variant online or house rule face-to-face and for what version of A&A? Do you have a game posted on this site? I listened to an audiobook on Midway, which said Japanese ship AA was inadequate.

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    Yes its my game face to face with house rules.

    As far as Japan AA they had the good french guns on them from what I read.
    Plus for game play they all get it for now in game.
    BB @1 = 8.3 %
    CR @2 = 16.6 % The man plane killer. That"s it for ships
    I don’t want to probably ever make each country piece correct based on Historic so try to find the middle balance and not overwelm the group. We do have a bunch of other stuff in game to change each game some what and that’s plenty to remember.


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