New Unit prices.

  • Here is a price list I came up with to use for casual face-to-face A&AR games. Basically it increases the price of land units and reduces the cost of naval units to make the overall purchases throughout each game more varied. It reduces stacking so the game plays quicker which is great if you want to finish a game in one evening.
    What’s also great is that it changes the strategic options enough so you can’t really rely on following the standard strategies you find on the internet. There might be better options out there now, especially since it’s so cheap to build a navy.

    Infantry: 5 ipc
    Artillery: 6 ipc
    Tank: 8 ipc
    Fighter: 10 ipc
    Bomber: 12 ipc

    Submarine: 5 ipc
    Destroyer: 8 ipc
    Transport: 10 ipc
    Aircraft Carrier: 14 ipc
    Battleship: 16 ipc

    AA-Gun      5 ipc
    IC            10 ipc

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