• Hello all,

    I have two questions regarding offshore bombardments that I haven’t been able to solve with the rulebook or by online research.

    1. Can a ship make an additional non-combat move after moving one sea zone into an unoccupied coastal area to support an amphibious assault and firing its offshore salvo, like a plane flying back to a friendly zone after combat, or a transport after drop-off, or does it have to stay there at the end of the turn? Come to think of it I’m not even 100% sure a transport can do this, so confirmation would be welcome.

    2. Can a ship make an offshore bombardment to support a land attack from one coastal territory to another adjacent one? I would say no, but again I’d like to have confirmation.

    Thank you.

  • Official Q&A

    1. No, it can’t, and neither can a transport. Neither land nor sea units may move in noncombat movement if they either moved in combat movement or participated in combat. From page 21 of the Rulebook (Noncombat Move):

    In this phase, you can move any of your units that did not move in the Combat Move phase or participate in combat during your turn. This is a good time to gather your units, either to strengthen vulnerable territories or to reinforce units at the front. You will also land all your aircraft that participated in and survived the Conduct Combat phase.

    1. It cannot. Bombardment is limited to amphibious assaults. From page 28 of the Rulebook (Battleships):

    Offshore Bombardment: Your battleships and cruisers can conduct offshore bombardment during an amphibious assault. (see Amphibious Assaults - Step 2. Battleship and Cruiser Bombardment, pg. 17)

  • Thank you.

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